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What to Cook for Dinner with Chicken

As we have so many delicious chicken recipes, it is very easy to think about what to cook for dinner with chicken. People eat chicken more than any other meats. As it is more widely consumed meat, there is an opportunity to have it with various recipes.

Chicken is a very common As we have so many delicious chicken recipes, it is very easy to think about what to cook for dinner with chicken. item for dinner. High protein and low calories are not the only reason for chicken to be popular to all. Its cost is less than other meat. It takes less effort and time to be cooked through.

Chicken is favorable to all. It is lovable to all without any distinction of race, nation, or country. From East to West, North to South Chicken is popular for its individuality.

Chicken gives you an unforgettable meal as well as dinner with its individual flavor and taste. Having chicken at your dinner or other meals, you can ensure your own and your family’s health. It provides calcium, phosphorus, fat along with protein and calories.

We can cook recipes for our dinner with chicken as it is easy to cook. It takes less time than any other meat recipes. So, giving less effort in the kitchen, you can have your delicious dinner assuring your good health.

Chicken can be combined with many ingredients. The combination of chicken with vegetables and spices gives you a tremendous taste.

As chicken goes with vegetables and other various ingredients and herbs perfectly, chicken recipes are never-ending. These recipes are really yummy.

What to Cook for Dinner with Chicken Fulfilling Your Appetite

The use of chicken in snacks to main meals has no limit. From broth to solid part of chicken are used widely in many recipes. It is widely used in many popular recipes as filling. You can have chicken in many ways like grilling, frying, boiling, or many other ways. You can have many dishes from starter to main dishes with chicken. The recipes are never-ending. Here are some of these.

Spring Chicken and Vegetable Pot Pie Casserole

You need cooked shredded chicken to prepare the recipe. Leeks, carrots, mushrooms are combining vegetables. You also need garlic, onion, unsalted butter, rosemary, peas, pearl onions cream of mushroom soup, all-purpose flour ground pepper, egg, and puff pastry for this recipe. 

The chicken is cooked with all the ingredients for a filling. The puff pastry is baked, placing it over the filling. It is baked for 20 to 30 minutes to be cooked through.

Garlic Roast Chicken with Wine Sauce

You can have the perception with the name of the recipe that the recipe is a roast recipe, and the main ingredients of the recipe are chicken, garlic, and white wine. However, you need lemon, bay leaves, olive oil, fresh rosemary, chicken stock, sea salt along with the main ingredients. Placing lemon bay leaves in the cavity of the chicken olive oil, rosemary, and salt mixture is rubbed over the chicken.

Placing the chicken in a baking dish mixture of chicken stock, white wine, and garlic cloves are poured over the chicken. Before pouring the mixture is simmered. The chicken is roasted then. It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to be roasted. Turn over the chicken into the backside, it is roasted for another 20 minutes. You can have the chicken with garlic sauce.

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This recipe gives you an amazing taste. It takes a nominal time to be cooked. So you do not need to spend more time in your kitchen for your dinner. Excluding chicken hoisin sauce, low-sodium soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, diced onion, garlic, ginger, chestnuts, black pepper, sesame oil, and green onion are the ingredients of the recipe. Sriracha is used as an optional ingredient. It depends on the diner’s choice. 

A large leafy lettuce is used for serving. Hoisin sauce, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, Sriracha, and sesame oil are mixed to make the sauce. The chicken is cooked first, adding onion, garlic, and other ingredients. Then it is poured in mixed sauce and is cooked until the sauce is reduced. The cooked mixture is placed in lettuce leaves. A large scoop mixture is placed in each leaf. You can add cooked rice with the mixture if you like.

Chicken Mousse

Cooked, skinned, and minced chicken is the main ingredient of the recipe. Butter, garlic paste, curry powder, chicken stock, milk, hung yogurt, whipped cream is the combining ingredients. Chopped herbs and tomatoes are used for garnishing the dish. Curry leaves and garlic are tossed in melted butter. Stirring in curry powder, it is cooked for 1 minute.

The sauce is thickened, adding with flour, stock, and milk over a medium flame. The sauce is added to the chicken. It is beaten in butter and hung curd. Folding in cream, the chicken is placed in the oiled mold. The chicken needs to be chilled overnight. Tomatoes and herbs are used for garnishing before serving.

Poulet A la Moutarde

The main ingredient chicken is coated in mustard for this recipe. Butter, milk, and refined flour are mixed in a pan to make the béchamel sauce. Mustard is mixed with chicken. Butter is added with oil in a pan. Then the chicken is toasted. Oil is heated in a separate pan.

Shallots, garlic, chicken béchamel sauce, pepper, salt, and cream are cooked for five to six minutes. It tastes tremendous, served with grilled tomatoes and fried potatoes.

Chicken Pepper Soup

This is a popular recipe for Africans. Especially, it is common in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Sierra Leone. Sliced onion, garlic cloves, chopped ginger, paprika, bay leaf, magi, parsley or basil, scotch bonnet, salt, and white pepper are the combining ingredients with chicken. Making a puree of all spices, the puree is added to the chicken. Chicken with the puree is boiled in water.

Chicken is cooked through until it is tendered, and the soup is thickened. As it is very easy to cook, you can try this at your busy weeknights. The hot and spicy soup can gift you a delightful dinner.

Peppered Chicken Gizzard

Gizzard is the main ingredient of this recipe. If you have not tried any recipe with gizzard yet, you must try this. You can have a different taste. You also need tomato slice, tomato puree, sliced hot and sweet pepper, sliced onion, sliced spring onion, curry powder, dried thyme, garlic powder, maggi seasoning cubes or chicken stock cubes), and salt. Gizzard is boiled with water, add maggi seasoning cubes, onion, curry, thyme, salt, and garlic.

Tomato slices are fried with onion. Green and red pepper slices are added and cooked. Adding tomato puree and dried pepper; garlic powder, and seasoning cubes are added. The mixture is cooked through, and gizzard is added with the mixture. It is cooked through and removed from heat. Sliced onion is added to be cooked with the heat of the gizzard. Rice, Spaghetti, fried plantain, and sweet potatoes are a fantastic combination with this recipe.

You can try these recipes to have a great taste of dinner. The specialty of these recipes is that these are really easy to cook. You can have these on your busy weeknights, or you can enjoy these to celebrate your weekend dinner.


When you are thinking about your dinner, you must keep attention to your body nutrition requirement with the opportunity of fulfilling your taste. So, all need to know what we can cook for our dinner with chicken.

You do not need to give much effort to have a healthy dinner, as the chicken is an amazing food with its own taste and flavor. When it is combined with other ingredients, its taste becomes extraordinary.