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This is Smita Dey, the author of ‘Global Foods and Recipes’ book. I usually write on my blog. Writing on foods and recipes is not only my profession. It’s my passion.

I am working as an immigration consultant in Bangladesh. Previously I was the local Immigration Advisor of ‘Immigration Advisory Service’ of UK.

I enjoy cooking. Cooking is not only a task for me. It’s the task where I can apply my creativity. As cooking is my passion I love to experience new recipes. Sometimes I mingle one recipe with another one to create a new taste with new recipes.

The passion for cooking was not created at one night or day. In my childhood, I just loved to eat. I did not have any interest in cooking. I had some friends who loved to cook. I used to see how they made amazing recipes. Gradually I started to feel to have a try.

I started to cook for my own and my loved ones. I felt then how it pleases me seeing others happy with my cooked foods.

It’s true we eat to live. But having the food would not be enjoyable if the foods were not tasty. So, we usually pay attention to make our food tasty.

As we get our nutritional requirements from our foods we must have nutritious food daily. But the problem is there many of us do not have any idea how to get nutritious foods.

Keeping all these in my mind I started to research foods and recipes. We have so many recipes fulfilling our appetite and nutritional requirement at the same time. I decided to share with my readers that they can have a good solution to have healthy and tasty food.

Dinner is the last meal of the day. The people in many countries focus on the dinner menu as dinner is the only time for family gatherings. They like to have a good dinner ensuring the good health of their family members. This thought inspired me to write my book.

I have given the ideas of various foods and recipes that are really helpful at every stage of human life. As a mother, as a woman above all as a full-time worker I know how it is difficult to cook delicious and healthy food with less effort. So I shared many easy healthy recipes for all.

You can find your solutions for daily cooking stress from my book. You can have healthy foods with which you can get relief from your several Physical issues.