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I had a plan to share my knowledge about global foods and recipes with my readers. In our busy days, sometimes we find difficulties to spend more time in the kitchen. That is why I think if I share easy recipes and foods with my readers; obviously, it will be helpful for them.

When I started my journey with the “Global Foods and Recipes” book, I started to feel only sharing dinner recipes and food ideas are not sufficient for all.

Before planning to have a delicious meal we need to know why food is so important for us. We also need to know what time is good to take food. We may have so many queries about food, meals, recipes, and relevant things. Keeping this in mind, I changed my plan and tried to share the detail about these topics to my readers.

I hope this book helps you to find the answers to your queries and you can have tried many recipes from various countries to have a different taste of the meal.

You are being informed about what foods are helpful for you and your family members when they need special care and attention during their teen-age, period, or pregnancy.

This book helps you to cook special items with special ingredients like ground beef, pork, or chicken. You are now acquainted with the food culture and habits of many countries that can help you to cope up with the food habits when you’ll visit these countries.

You have now a clear conception of foods and recipes. You can use the shared recipes and foods for you and your family obviously maintaining the dinner time as you are suggested. You can also take care of your own children, mate, siblings, and parents serving them healthy foods.

Your suggestion is highly appreciated to enrich the information about books. Please do comment on the comment box what you think about the book.