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Moms are always looking for appropriate baby food ideas as they can provide healthy foods to their babies in the right way. We, Moms always want to see our baby healthy, energetic, and full of life.

We always try to feed our babies with healthy meals. So, we need to know how we can give them proper nutrition in the right way as proper nutrition is the key to the baby’s good health.

Our problem is, as we do not have a clear conception; we do not know how we can ensure proper nutrition at every age of our babies. So, we need to know what foods are good for our babies and what foods we can provide them at various ages.

We also need to remember that only healthy foods are not sufficient for our babies’ mental and physical health development. Our all efforts will work only when we feed our babies their foods in the right way.

If our babies are forced to eat despite their interest it may cause their reluctance about food. Then it will not help at all for their physical and mental development.

So, we need to know the tricks to feed our babies with their own interest in consuming foods. As babies’ mental and physical growth is rapid, the strategy depends on their age and response.

Baby Food Ideas: Achieve Your Goal Ensuring His Nutrition

As a new mother or parent, we may be in a dilemma when the question of solid-feeding comes. As long as our baby is dependent on breast-feeding we are free from various stresses. 

We need to know how we can provide them solid foods when we are going to feed them solid foods for the first time. We also need to rely on baby food ideas. 

You can find baby food ideas to ensure your babies’ nutrition. As a mom, we need to have some ideas on how we should feed our babies making their meals interesting and what foods we need to feed our babies. These ideas are really helpful to provide them healthy foods. 

Our first goal is to provide them healthy and nutritious foods. But we cannot provide them all types of foods as they need easy-digesting foods. 

All foods are not suitable at every age. So it is important for us to know the foods we can feed our child at every age from the time when he starts to have solid foods. So it is a must for us to be aware of the suitable foods at various ages of his life. 

We also need to keep in mind they will be habituated with the foods we provide. So, we have a great responsibility to make them habituated with healthy foods. We have enough ability as moms to introduce our babies with good foods.

We can help them to learn to enjoy healthy foods. If we fail to teach them they may become picky eaters and we may have to face trouble to provide them proper nutrition. 

As babies’ growth is rapid and their food requirements depend on their age you can find your baby foods ideas as per their age and requirements. You can have a guideline from this content covering your baby’s age 4 months to 12 months. 

You should remember that it is not recommended to provide any foods solid or liquid except breast milk or formula before reaching 4 months.

Food Ideas for 4 Month Baby: When and How to Start

The child specialists usually recommend feeding our babies breast-milk until they turn into six months. But we can start solid foods with the pediatrician’s permission at the age of four months. They get the capability to consume solid foods by that age.

At this age, babies can move food using their tongue. They develop the capability to move foods from the front to the backside of their mouth. 

How do You Know Your Baby Can Eat Solid Foods

You can take the decision to feed your baby solid foods observing him.

  1. If your baby’s head is steady in upright position your baby can handle solid foods.
  2. If your baby can sit with support.
  3. If your baby is trying to take his hands or toys into the mouth.
  4. If you feel your baby’s appetite is not fulfilled with breast-feeding or formula.

Observing these changes with your baby you can start solid foods. Before providing him solid foods it is better to consult with your baby’s pediatrician.

Please keep in mind, you need to start him semi-solid foods first. Semi-solid foods are considered as solids for him at this stage. 

How to Start Solid Foods

Starting solid foods does not mean you can provide him any types of solid foods. You already know all foods are not suitable for him maybe these are nutritious. 

At the age of four months, you need to give him easy-digesting foods. These foods need to be simple. Provide the foods adding no sugar and salt.


Nutrients are important for a baby’s physical and mental growth. Iron and Zinc are more important nutrients among all. A baby usually gets these nutrients from breast milk or formula. If you are feeding your baby breast milk and the quantity is insufficient for your baby’s appetite, you need to provide the nutrients.

Baby Foods for 4 Months

You need to select first your baby foods for 4 months before starting solids. You need to have baby food ideas to feed him proper foods as he can have a warm introduction with new foods.

As your baby is not ready to chew foods at this stage, you need to make puree and cereals for your baby to consume easily. You can introduce baby cereals and various types of vegetables and fruit at this stage.

You must be aware of any food allergy issues with your baby. So, introducing new foods to your baby you need to observe your baby whether any allergy issue rises or not. 

If you find any issue you need to stop the food immediately and consult your baby’s pediatrician. However, here are some foods you can provide your baby with the introduction of solid foods.

Baby Cereal

It is a better option to introduce solid foods with baby cereal. You can add breast milk or formula whatever your baby is fed with cereals. The mixture can give your baby a familiar taste. Rice and oatmeal cereals are good for him at this stage.

Vegetables and Fruit  

While your baby becomes familiar with cereals for one to two weeks you can get the chance to introduce vegetables and fruits. You need to make a puree of these foods and feed your baby. It is better not to feed any fruit juice at this age. Here are the vegetables and fruits you can feed your baby.

1. Avocado

You can provide avocado as the introduction of fruits to your baby. Pureed avocado is easy for him to consume.

2. Banana

Babies usually like a banana for its sweetness. It is good for your baby’s digestive system as it is loaded with fiber. Removing the skin of the banana you can mash the substance with your fingers or spoon and feed your baby.

3. Pear

Pear is a safe fruit for your baby as it is rare to find any allergic reaction with pear. You need to steam the fruit at first and then make a puree. Adding with breast milk or formula you can feed your baby.

4. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is another food you can introduce first to your baby as solid food at this stage. You need to boil it and mash with your hand or spoon. Feed your baby adding milk. Adding milk is not mandatory.

While you are providing these foods at this stage, do not make the foods full-solid. Prepare all these as semi-solids. If you are boiling potatoes or other foods do not dry the whole water. Try to keep a little amount of water with these. The water makes the foods a little bit soft and juicy while you are not adding milk.


Once your baby starts solid foods you can offer him water while you are feeding him solid foods.

Daily Servings

Please keep in mind breast milk is mandatory for your baby at this stage. So you should not compromise with it. You need to try these foods along with breast-milk. At the same time, you need to keep in mind your baby’s tummy is not big. You can give him 1 or 2 meals a day. You can serve 1 to 3 tablespoon foods for each meal depending on his desire.

If your Baby Refuses

If your baby refuses to eat new foods do not force him to eat. If you do so, he may feel bored and reluctant about this. You need to try again after one or two days. Try to introduce the foods touching his tongue as he may have the taste and start to like it gradually.

You can start solid foods for your baby in this way. If you can introduce well, your baby will be capable to eat solid foods. You need to keep your patience while you are trying new foods for him. 

Food Ideas for 5 Month Baby

You can introduce solids to him if you have not started yet. Obviously, you need to consult his pediatrician before taking the decision. Baby food ideas can help you to choose your baby foods for 5 months.


Proper nutrition is important at every age of his life. Along with iron and zinc, he needs protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

How to Serve

You can follow the guideline of baby foods ideas of baby foods for 4 months. Prepare the texture of foods as he can swallow easily.

Foods: You can Give as Baby Foods for 5 Months

If you do not introduce solid foods to your baby until he turns into 5 months you can start with four month’s foods at first. You can follow the baby food ideas for 4 months.

If you already have started solid foods in his four months’ age, you can bring some changes to vegetables and fruits. You also should provide the foods you started in his four months’ age.

You need to keep in mind, starting baby foods 5 months does not mean you can skip the foods for baby foods for 4 months. You need to provide him cereals, vegetables, and fruit as you provided him at his four months’ age. You can introduce new vegetables and fruits at this phase following the baby food ideas.


As vegetables provide vitamins and minerals you must provide him vegetables. Vegetables help babies to grow stronger. You can start savory and bitter-taste vegetables at this stage.

If you introduce him sweet taste vegetables like sweet potato your baby already has tasted the sweeten-taste of vegetables. You can make a change of taste introducing bitter and savory taste foods. In this way, you can help him to be habituated with all taste of foods.

1. Cauliflower

Cauliflower contains sweet flavor and slightly bitter taste. As it contains various fibers and protein along with other nutrients you can introduce it to your baby. Mash the vegetables after boiling thoroughly and feed your baby.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli also contains a bitter taste containing fiber and protein along with other vegetables. You can feed your baby broccoli puree.

3. Spinach

Fresh spinach does not contain any bitter taste. While it is wilted it contains bitter taste. Spinach provides some essential nutrients like protein, iron, calcium, vitamin A, and so on. As spinach is too soft you can make spinach tender and soft very quickly for your baby.


If banana and pear are introduced at the age of 4 months, you can introduce him to antioxidant and tart flavor fruits.

1. Cherries

Babies like the tart flavor fruit. Introduce the fruit to your baby at this stage.

2. Plums

The tart flavor fruits help your baby to get relief from constipation. Ripe plums are sweet to taste. You can feed your baby raw plums mashing with your hands or make a puree using a mixture.

Lean Protein

Lean protein is required for growing babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends meat for your baby as it works for brain and physical development. 1. . It is the time for your baby to be introduced to lean proteins.


Fish is loaded with protein and enriched with omega-3 fats. Omega 3 fats help your baby for eye and brain development. 

Before introducing fish you need to be careful choosing fish as some fishes are loaded with mercury. You need to avoid these types of fish. You can start with rainbow trout or salmon at an early stage. Later you can try others.

You need to boil or cook the fish thoroughly and remove the bones from the fish. As your baby cannot chew at this age you need to make a puree with the boiled or cooked fish as he can swallow easily.


You can introduce chicken to your baby as the first taste of meat at this stage. Like fish, the chicken must be cooked thoroughly or boiled in water.

You need to be careful about the measurement of water while you are boiling. You need to add water to boil the chicken thoroughly and excess water may not be left after boiling. Removing the bones from the chicken you can make a puree of chicken. You can mix the leftover water while you are preparing puree. You do not need to add any other spices for puree.

Daily Serving

As breast-milk is essential for your baby at this phase, you need to make a schedule to feed your baby solid foods. You can feed him solid foods in the gap of his breast-feeding. 6 to 8 times breastfeeding or formula is a must for your baby.

In the gap of breastfeeding or formula, you can feed him 1 to 4 tables spoon cereal once or twice a day and 1 to 4 tablespoon other foods like fruits and vegetables once or twice a day. If you start solid foods in his 5th month you need to start with 1 tablespoon once a day and increase the quantity gradually depending baby’s demand.

As your baby is developing day by day, you have to understand his attitudes. As he does have the ability to speak out you need to realize his responses. 

All babies’ requirement is not the same. So you need to apply your common sense while you are feeding him whether his appetite is fulfilled or not. You need to feed him less or more depending on his appetite and will. I hope the foods and the guidelines for baby food ideas may help you to get your answer.  

Baby Food Ideas for 6 Month

Your baby is 6 months now. If you have not started solid foods yet, it is high time to introduce solid foods to your baby following the suggestion of baby foods ideas.

You need to notice the signs that your baby is ready to consume solid foods. Usually, most of the babies get ready for solid foods by six months unless they have any physical issues. You also need to consult your baby’s pediatrician. 

If you already have started solids or semi-solids you can try new ones with the old ones. As at this phase, babies need most of the nutritional components you do not have the option to ignore baby foods ideas. 

You need to ensure nutritious foods along with breast or formula milk. You also have to continue feeding him breast milk or formula as his prime nutritional source. 

Important Nutrients

We already know the babies need most of the nutrients at this stage. Until six months, he can get all the important nutrients from breast milk or formula if he gets sufficient. 

At this stage, you need to provide the nutrients necessary for him at this stage. If you are going to start him solid foods this month, you need to introduce the below nutrients.


Protein is the most important nutrient for your baby. It helps to repair the muscles and cells. It is essential for growing up babies.


Iron helps for brain development and hemoglobin.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These are important for your baby’s brain development and vision. It also helps the skill of cognition.


Vitamins are important for your baby. Different vitamins play their roles in different sorts of works. Vitamin A and C work for skin and eyesight. Vitamin B works for immunity and metabolism. Vitamin D ensures your baby’s healthy bones. Vitamin E helps the nervous system.


Zinc helps in the production of white blood cells.


Your baby can get proper energy from carbohydrates.

So, while you are providing solid foods to your baby, you need to ensure the above nutrients for your baby. If you are already feeding him solid foods I hope you have introduced these to him.

If your baby is going to start a new journey you do not need to be worried, you can start with four and five months’ baby foods as these ensure your baby’s proper nutritional requirement. It is better to start with a single ingredient.

How to Serve

You can make the purees thicker than you gave him at his four or five month’s age as per the guideline of baby foods ideas.

If you are starting now, you can start with semi-solid texture, and as soon as he becomes habituated, turn into thicker. Lumpy texture makes your baby learn chewing and moving foods.

Baby Foods for 6 Months: You Can Feed Your Baby

Baby foods ideas suggest you try first with single ingredients cereals as his baby foods 6 months if you are introducing solid foods to him at this age. You need to start vegetables and fruits gradually.

The food range for six months’ baby is wide enough. At this stage, you can feed him various types of vegetables, fruits, fish, and meats.

You do not need to think more about feeding him as the opportunity is great! Here are some examples. You are free to make many more with your innovative ideas.  

1. Oatmeal Cereal

You can use packed oatmeal cereals for your baby. It is really easy to prepare for your baby. You also can make oatmeal cereal at your home. It is also not a big deal. You need to ground the oats using a food processor. Boiling ½ cup of water you need to add two tablespoons of oat powder with the water. The mixture becomes thick within 3 to 5 minutes. You only need to whisk properly.

2. Fruit Puree

You can make various types of fruit puree in the process as it is already described in 4 months of baby foods. You can make soft fruit purees like mango, banana, papaya, melons, etc mashing or blending them.

You need to cook harder fruits to make them soft and tender. You have the opportunity to mix two types of fruits for making the puree when he is familiar with single fruit puree. Avocado and pea puree, apple and squash puree, pureed apples, and squash are good options.

3. Vegetable Puree

You can steam or cook vegetables thoroughly if it is needed and mash or blend to make the vegetable puree. Like fruit puree, you can use different types of vegetables for the puree. You can mix sweet potato with butternut squash, Spinach and peas mixed puree, and so on.

4. Rice Porridge

Rice porridge is another good option for your baby. It is better to provide him a diluted form of rice porridge while you are introducing it first. Once your baby adjusts with it, you can give him a slightly thick form. Preparing rice porridge with broken or ground rice is so easy. Rice porridge can be prepared with water or milk. The choice is yours.

5. Animal Protein

Your options are many. You can choose any of these. You need to ensure only that fish or chicken are cooked thoroughly and bones are removed well.

6. Yogurt

You can introduce yogurt to your baby at this stage. You are allowed to provide a moderate amount of unsweetened yogurt to your baby.

Please keep in mind, you can use cow’s milk or goat milk for cooking or mixing with other foods at this age, but you should not feed the milk as his drink until he is 12 months.

7. Drink

You need to offer him water from an open or free-flow cup. Your baby can learn easily how to sip by using such a cup.  

8. Daily Meals

You can feed your baby half cup of soft foods like a puree or mashed 2 or 3 times a day. You can introduce him now breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you desire. A light snack like mashed pear can be given.

Rice porridge or cereal and any mashed fruit like strawberries can be his breakfast. You can give him minced chicken or cooked fish and vegetable puree for lunch. Dinner can be served with ground beef and mashed carrot or broccoli.

These are not mandatory as you need to feed your baby every day. These are only examples. You need to bring variation for food selection. However, your baby is now at the stage where you can help him to start to feed himself. It is an amazing transitional period for your baby. Before starting the process you need to know when, how, and why you can start the process. 

Baby-Led Weaning

Baby-led weaning is a part of baby food ideas. We know, weaning is a process to make your baby habituated with spoon-feeding.

And baby-led-weaning is a process for your baby to feed himself with his hands. It is a popular process as it gives the opportunity to skip the spoon-feeding process.

When to Start Baby-Led Weaning

The age to start baby-led-weaning is not fixed. As babies can hold things with their hands at the age of six months, you can start the process at this age.

You need to notice whether your baby can sit without support, his neck is strong; he can move his jaws to move the foods to the back of his mouth.

You can start while the baby is using the whole hand to put foods in the mouth. As their gums are capable enough to mash foods, you do not need to wait to sprout his teeth.

You do not need to start the process if he does not gain the ability to use his hands to hold foods. You need to wait then.

How to Start

While you are starting the process you need to continue breast milk or formula and pureed foods as well. You need to let him feed himself during you are feeding him pureed foods.

You can put some finger foods on his tray while you are feeding him and let him take it with his hand and put it into his mouth.

You need to make pieces of food as your baby can hold these with his palm. The foods need to be soft as your baby can smash easily. You can start with steamed vegetables and soft fruits.

Finger Foods for Your Baby as baby Foods 6 Months

The options of finger foods are really rich. You can offer him many as finger foods using the baby foods ideas. You only need to keep in mind the foods are easy to chew and mash. 

Here are some of these.

1. Puffs and Dry Cereal

You can introduce puffs and dry cereal to your baby as the first baby-led-weaning food. While your baby is trying to put the food he is practicing pincer grasp and it helps him to pick up his foods properly.

2. Bread

As bread becomes soft quickly, your baby can handle it in his mouth very easily. So bread is a good option for your baby’s first finger food.

3. Pasta

Pasta is another option for your baby. You need to choose a small pasta shape and need to cook it thoroughly to make it soft.

Serve it plain at an early stage. As soon as your baby is habituated with the food, you can serve him cooking it in a little amount of olive oil or butter.

4. Vegetables

Sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, and so on are suitable vegetables for your baby’s first finger foods. You can steam or roast the vegetables cutting these into small pieces.

5. Fruits

Ripe fruits are soft and can be mashed easily. Ripe banana, papaya, watermelon, etc are the best example. You just need to cut these into small pieces to serve for your baby.

6. Fish

Cooking fish thoroughly and removing the bones from fish you can introduce to him. Salmon and cod are good options. You can try others to be assured of the mercury level of the fish.

7. Meat

Diced chicken or ground beef is good as the finger foods. You need to cook thoroughly before serving.

You can try these foods for your baby to help him to start. All these are full of nutrients. You can try these at an early stage and can try others gradually as soon as your baby is used to with these.

Baby-Led Weaning Benefits

You can find huge benefits from baby-led-weaning. It helps your baby to develop the skill of hand-eye coordination, eating habits.

 Some babies’ chewing ability does not develop until 9 months of age. Baby-led-weaning helps babies to develop the skill.

Babies are facilitated with the exploration of various new tastes, flavor, color, and texture of various foods. While babies are feeding themselves, they learn to stop eating if their stomach is full.  

Baby-led-weaning: A Messy Process

It is a messy process you need to handle. We notice, babies usually smash, squeeze the foods before putting them into the mouth. They usually drop foods on the floor and the floor becomes messy. So, you need to take care before serving him finger foods. You can place table cloth under his chair as you can clean the floor easily.

Choking Hazards

Choking is a common issue during babies’ feeding. Choking may happen from some foods like grapes, raisins, popcorn, and raw vegetables.

So, avoid these while you are serving him finger foods. You also need to attend your child while he is feeding himself and need to be careful with the notice of choking sign.

Weaning or Baby-Led Weaning

Some parents like to start with the baby-led-weaning process as their baby can feed himself independently. Traditional weaning foods or spoon-feeding ensures your baby’s nutrition. You can measure your baby’s consumption of nutrition with spoon-feeding.

 On the other hand, your baby may not have full nutrition at the early stage of self-feeding as he may not eat really. So, it is better to continue spoon-feeding as soon as he is not habituated with feeding himself.

Keep in mind, your effort to feed your baby will pay his healthy body. So, try to make him habituated with healthy eating at the early stage as he can continue it throughout his life. So, try to follow the guideline of baby food ideas.

Baby Food Ideas for 7 Month

If you have not introduced solids to your baby, it is better for your baby not to make any further delay. At this age, only breast milk or formula cannot be the source of all nutrients.

 If you already have started at the age of four to five months then it is ok. Your baby is already acquainted with the texture, taste, and flavor of solid foods. 

If you have not started yet, you need to start now. Your baby is already able to consume solid foods. If you do not notice the signs of consuming solids that are already discussed on the above, I suggest you consult the pediatrician. 

Important Nutrients

All of the above-discussed nutrients are important for your seven-month baby. In fact, important nutrients are the same at all ages of human life. The quantity varies on the requirement of age.

Babies can get their important nutrients until they are six months. At the age of seven months, they need to have solids as they can get their proper nutrients.

So, if you have not started yet, you just need to provide the foods ensuring the required nutrients like protein, iron, vitamins, fat, and carbohydrate.

Baby Foods for 7 Month

While you are giving your baby solids for the first time, you need to know what foods can be given at this stage. You can start with the foods that are already discussed as the baby food ideas for the previous months.

It is the stage when you can try multiple ingredients. Before trying multiple ingredients, you need to be assured of the allergic issues of particular foods.

 If you already have tried one of the multiple ingredients, you need to try the new one separately. If it is ok, then you can go for the foods with multiple ingredients.

1. Pumpkin

You can feed pumpkin as a single ingredient or the main ingredients with multiple ingredients. Containing magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus pumpkin ensure your baby’s good health. Its anti-microbial properties can kill the harmful germ in your baby’s intestine.

Pumpkin puree is a good option for a new eater. Boiling in water it is very easy to make the puree. You can feed him plain puree or can mix baby cereals to give your baby the familiar texture. You also can add blended spinach with the pumpkin to bring a new flavor and taste for your baby. 

A baked pumpkin is a good option for your baby at this stage. You just need to bake the pieces of pumpkin brushing olive oil on it. It needs to be baked for 45 minutes or until it becomes tender. You need to feed the pulp after removing it from the oven. Let it be cool before feeding your baby. You can mash the baked pumpkin if it is desired.

It is time you can try brown rice with pumpkin. Boiling brown rice along with pumpkin you can prepare your baby’s feeding. It is better to soak brown rice in water for half an hour before boiling.

2. Beetroot

You can introduce a beetroot to your baby at this age. As it contains Vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and iron it is a good source of your baby’s required nutrition.

You can make the plain puree for your baby as a new eater. If you introduce it this month, feed him 1 to 2 tablespoon of puree at first. You can increase the quantity gradually. 

Beetroot with rice is a good combination for your baby. It gives him a different taste. Boiling rice in the water you need to add grated and cooked beetroot with the rice. Cooking thoroughly for a few minutes until it becomes tender to be mashed easily you can prepare your baby’s feeding.

3. Fish

As fish is loaded with protein, it can fill the protein requirements of your baby. You just need to know what fishes are good for your baby and it is already discussed.

You already know introducing fish puree is a good option for your baby to be introduced first with fish. You can continue the process at the age of your baby.

You also have the option to combine fish with various vegetables to give him a new taste. You can use various types of vegetables like broccoli, carrot, sweet potatoes, peas, and so on. You can choose one of these or multiple of these. Boiling or baking fish you can add boiled vegetables with it and mash the mixture well. Make sure the bones are removed from the fish.

4. Meat  

If you have not started meat yet, you can start with plain chicken puree. You can add vegetables like sweet potato, carrot, or other vegetables with meat for a new taste. At this stage, you can also introduce lamb to him.

5. Egg

A boiled egg is a good option for your baby. Your baby will love boiled egg yolk. You can mash the boiled egg yolk with the spoon and make ready for your baby’s feeding. Boiled and mashed peas can be added with the yolk. Make sure these are mashed properly.

6. Fruit Puree

Most parents start solids for their babies by six months. The usual first step of solids are vegetables and fruit puree. So I hope you already have started it as I already have discussed fruit puree.

You just need to continue it as you are doing so. A new thing is you can make a puree of various fruits.

 You just need to be aware of the acidic fruits. While you are introducing new fruit to your baby, observe him if there is any sign of acidity. If acidity occurs you can try this at a later stage.

At this age, you always do not need to make a puree. You can mash soft fruits like mangoes, bananas, and others with a spoon and can feed your baby.

Trying these you need to continually offer your baby finger foods. Your prepared foods ensure your baby’s nutrition and offering finger foods help your baby to increase the confidence of self-feeding.

Feeding Schedule

You are now at the time when you can make a schedule of your baby’s meal. Your baby is now ready to have three main meals. You can make a schedule of a total of six meals including main meals.

1. Breakfast

Breast milk or formula milk is the best option for early morning. Baby cereal like rice or oatmeal cereal is a good breakfast. You can add breast or formula milk with the cereal.

2. Mid-morning

Feed your baby breast-milk or formula in the gap between breakfast and lunch.

3. Lunch

For lunch, you can give him puree. This puree can be made with vegetables, fish, meat. You can combine fish or meat with vegetables. You can alter with fruit puree.

4. Afternoon

As you are giving him solid food at lunch you do not need heavy food in the afternoon. Breast-milk is easy-digesting for your baby and it is essential for him at this stage. So you can feed him breast milk.

5. Late Evening

You do not need to provide him more solid now. Breast milk or formula is enough for his evening snack.

6. Dinner

Solid foods need to be given for his dinner. You can alter with lunch-food.

Daily Serving

Your 7-month baby’s tummy is not so big. So do not expect he will eat a lot. If your baby is a new eater you can try with 2 to 3 tablespoon. Gradually his appetite will increase.

 8 to 12 tablespoon for each meal is sufficient for your baby. However, the portion may vary on the appetite of babies. Some babies may eat a little bit more and some may eat less.

You need to keep in mind your baby may not feel boredom with the same food. So, try to keep variation on vegetables, fruits, and other foods as he can become familiar with all types of foods and can explore the new taste of life. Baby food ideas are always with you whenever you are overwhelmed with the thinking of your baby’s feeding.

Food Ideas for 8 Months Baby

The little naughty is growing up rapidly and he is 8 months now. He has many things to do now. He has started crawling and trying to explore many things.

At this stage, he becomes curious about everything around him. He needs more energy now. His daily diet should ensure the required energy. You do not need to overwhelm how to ensure the required nutrition.

You already have started the process while you have introduced solids to him. Baby food ideas are with you to choose foods for his required nutrition.

Your baby is acquainted with various texture and types of solids by 8 months. You already have introduced various nutritious foods to him. You just need to continue to serve these and can add others you have not introduced yet. You also need to increase the portions depending on his desire to eat.


The main components of nutrients are the basic requirements of your baby’s diet. You can get all the nutrients from the foods you already have introduced. He needs about 900 calories each day. Your baby can get half of the calories from breast milk. So, you do not have an option to stop his breast-feeding.

Foods for Your 8-Month-old Baby

As your baby needs all the main components of nutrients, you need to choose the foods containing the nutrients. His daily diet should contain dairy products like cheese, yogurt, vegetables, fruits, and protein-based foods like meat, fish, etc.

It is time for your baby to be introduced with legumes. Many parents introduce legumes by 6 to 8 months. It is sometimes difficult for the young tummy to digest high protein food. So, it is better to introduce legumes at the age of 8 months.

How to Serve Foods

Your baby can swallow foods easily. He is also able to chew solid foods. So you can give him pieces of steamed or cooked finger foods such as vegetables, fruits, and fish.

You can serve him with more solid foods in place of puree and mashed foods. However, it depends on your baby’s ability to chew and consume foods.

Feeding Schedule

You can follow the feeding schedule of 7 months. Before making a feeding schedule you need to keep in mind he should be used to with the meals at a scheduled time.

You can help your baby to practice schedule of sleeping, eating, and playing. It is better to keep a gap for two to three hours between two meals (including two snacks).

If you feed him breast milk in the early morning,  you can feed the morning snack from 9.30 am to 10.00 am. 12.00 pm to 12.30 pm can be his lunchtime. At 3.00 pm to 3.30 pm, you can feed his mid-afternoon snack. Dinner needs to be served by 7 pm.

You also need to feed him bedtime breast milk or formula. It depends on your baby’s appetite.

Foods for Meals of Your 8 Months Old Baby

You already know your baby’s daily diet should consist of the nutritional components. You can prepare the meals keeping the components in his meals’ menu.

You can feed him fruits’ puree or cooked pieces of fruits as a mid-morning snack. Cereals or grain-made foods can be another option. Protein-based foods, cheese, or yogurt can be present on his lunch menu.

Breast-milk or formula is a good option for his mid-afternoon snack. You can also feed him pieces of fruit at this time. You can feed him eggs, vegetables as his dinner.

However, you can interchange the foods with the meal schedule. You just need to ensure your baby is getting the required nutrients daily.

Foods: You Can Serve Your 8 Month-Old-Baby

Your baby is familiar with solid foods and already has tasted various textures. It is not difficult for you to serve him with a variety of foods.

 You can prepare many foods for him. You are also free to combine various types of foods with one another to make his meals more amazing.

1. For Breakfast

It is better to start your baby’s morning with breast-milk or formula. You can choose his mid-morning meal prepared with vegetables, fruits, and grain-made foods.

(I) Porridge

Porridge is a good option for your baby’s mid-morning snack. You can use rice, barley flour, or other available grains. You are also free to feed him grains alternatively.

You can add various types of fruits with the porridge to give your baby different flavor and taste.

You also can prepare porridge with vegetables. Sweet potato porridge is a good example. You need to boil potatoes in water and mash them thoroughly. You need to add milk heating in a pan with the mashed potato. Your baby will just love it.

(II) Vegetables and Fruits Puree

Your baby is already familiar with various types of vegetables and fruits puree. So you have huge opportunities to choose vegetables and fruits for his puree.

You can feed him single fruits or vegetable puree and can add multiple vegetables and fruits. The choice is yours.

If you add multiples fruits and vegetables for the puree your baby can get the chance to have different tastes of fruits or vegetables at a time.

(III) Mashed Vegetables and Fruits

As your baby gains the ability to chew his foods by 8 months you can give him mashed vegetables or fruits. You can mix vegetables and fruit as well as you do for making mixed puree.

(IV) Vegetables Soup

Vegetable soup is also another option for your baby. Soups prepared with multiple vegetables are really amazing and nutritious for your little angel.

(V) Scrambled Egg

Scrambled egg is another good option for your baby as a mid-morning snack. You can add some vegetables with eggs to provide him more nutrition.

2. For Lunch

Like breakfast foods, you have many foods around you to choose for your baby’s lunch. Here are some of these.

(I) Beans

As you can introduce beans to your baby at this stage, you can prepare his lunch recipes with beans.

Bean Salad is a good option for your baby. Making puree of steamed green beans you can add yogurt with beans. It gives your baby a yummy taste.

Preparing green bean puree you can add cooked rice with beans. Your baby will get the protein and carbohydrates from the recipe.

(II) Pasta

You can keep pasta in your baby’s lunch menu. As pasta is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates you can feed him plain pasta.

You just need to cook it thoroughly to be tender. You can add pureed or mashed vegetables with pasta to give him an extra taste and flavor of the pasta. Your little one will love it.

Pasta and cheese is a good combining taste for your baby. You need to add steamed mashed or diced carrot and grated cheese with cooked pasta.

(III) Fish

As fish is a good source of protein, you can keep fish in his lunch menu. Oily fishes are good for your baby. He is already used to with pureed fish. You can give him the taste of baked fish.

You can prepare fish fingers for him as he can grab it now. As codfish is good for your little one, you can prepare cod with cheese sauce and leek is a good option.

3. Mid-Afternoon Snack

You do not need to feed him heavy foods at snack time. Breast-milk or formula is sufficient for him. If you need more, you can feed him sliced soft fruits or fruit puree.

4. For Dinner

Dinner is the last meal for your baby to consume solid foods. The options are countless. So, you do not need to be stressed.

(I) Lentils

Lentils are a good option for your baby’s dinner. You can prepare his dinner with lentils in various ways.

Your baby will like lentil soup. Apricots can be added to give him more flavor and taste. You also can give him lentil puree with mashed vegetables.

You have another choice to cook lentil in vegetable broth. The flavor is really amazing.

Vegetables like carrot, broccoli or cabbage, lentils, and brown rice are a grand combination for your baby’s dinner. You just need to cook them in water. You can mash them after proper boiling.

(II) Meat

You can keep the meat in your baby’s diet menu as his dinner food. You need to cook thoroughly as it becomes tender and soft for your baby.

If meat is properly cooked and soft your baby can consume it easily. You can cook chicken, beef or lamb puree or mashed meat for your little one.

(III) Chicken

You can feed him chicken as a puree or mashed chicken. Chicken can be added with rice and vegetables for a different taste. Chicken soup is another option your baby will love it.

(IV) Lamb

Lamb can be tried at his dinner time. If you are going to start lamb for the first time you can go for lamb puree as the beginning.

You can try lamb with other foods as soon as he becomes used to this. You can cook lamb with zucchini, sweet potatoes, and then add cooked rice. You can mash the mixture or blend depending on the baby’s requirement.

While you are giving him mashed recipe without blending please make sure the ingredients are well cooked and mashed properly.

(V) Tofu

Pediatricians usually recommend tofu when babies turn into 8 months. As your little one already has started egg yolks and meat, he can consume tofu by 8 months.

Blending tofu with applesauce and squash is a tasty dinner for him. You can add sweet potatoes, broccoli, and carrot alternatively for different savors.

Pasta with scrambled tofu is a yummy dinner recipe for him. You need to mash after cooking if he cannot chew properly yet.

However, you can try vegetables, fruits, or fish at dinner time. It is your choice what to feed him at dinner time.

Daily Servings

You already know he needs 6 meals a day including snacks. While you are giving him formula or breast-milk 120 ml to 125 ml is sufficient for per session.

You can feed ½ cup to ¾ cup of solid foods per main meal. Try to feed him ¾ to 1 cup fruits. Please keep in mind, all children’s need is not the same. It can vary on the baby’s health, growth, and above all his appetite. So you do not need to be worried if he eats less or more.

You can make your baby’s mealtime enjoyable with your own creativity. It is better not to repeat the same foods regularly. Bring changes to the selection of vegetables, fruits, fish, and others. It can help your baby to get different taste, flavor, and texture.

Baby Food Ideas for 9 Month

Your baby has turned into 9 months. Thrilling moments are his companion now. He can crawl now properly. He can respond to you and trying to communicate.

His mealtime is becoming part of his learning from many aspects. He already has started to feed himself and handle his spoon. He may not be able to feed himself completely, it is better to continue for his skill development.

You already have introduced various foods to him. He is used to with various textures of foods. You may also have started minced or chopped foods. If you already have started you should continue and if you have not started it is the high time to start.


Good nutrition plays a vital role in his body growth and brain development. Malnutrition at an early stage may cause of great loss of his growth mentally and physically. So you need to ensure his nutrition requirement at first.

Like early months you need to ensure his carbohydrate, fiber, iron, folate, fat, protein requirement. He needs 750 to 900 calories every day. He can get more than half of the calories from breast-milk or formula.

So you need to continue breastfeeding or formula feeding. He needs 11 grams of protein roughly and 30 grams of fat daily. You can provide him all the requirements from the foods you provide him daily.

Foods: To Serve Your 9-Month-Old Baby

Foods containing the components of nutrients are an integral part of your baby’s meal. It is best if you go with ‘rainbow’ colors while you are choosing his fruits and vegetables.

It means you need to choose fruits and vegetables of various colors like green peas, orange carrots, red tomatoes, and yellow bananas.

Like earlier stages, you should stick with dairy products like cheese, yogurt; protein-based foods like fish, beans, tofu, meats.

The requirement of good fat can be met with fatty fishes. Grains can meet your baby’s fiber, carbs, iron, and folate requirements.

So you can notice, you do not need to choose any unfamiliar food for your little one. You just need to continue the foods already you have started for him.

You need to avoid only allergenic foods like honey, strawberries, shellfish, etc. You also need to avoid choking hazards foods.

How to Serve

By this age, generally, babies are used to with mashed foods. Most babies can try self-feeding and are trying to be familiar with finger foods. You need to continue the way and help him to be more familiar with self-feeding and finger foods.

However, all these efforts depend on his ability to cope with the eating process. All babies are not the same. If your little one has achieved the ability you can continue. But you need to keep an eye on whether he can feed himself properly.

His self-feeding needs to meet his nutritional requirement. If he is taking time to be acquainted with self-feeding and chopped or minced texture you should continue mashed or pureed foods.

Feeding Schedule

Your baby needs 3 main meals and 3 snack time meals like his 8-month feeding schedule. You can follow the time schedule that you have followed during his 8 months. You should follow the time schedule strictly. If you are not following the schedule you cannot be able to provide him all the meals properly. At the same time, your baby will be used to with the schedule miss practice.

Foods for Meals

As the opportunity is huge, your choice for him can be limitless. By this age, you can notice the foods he likes or dislikes. You have the option to prepare foods with his liked ones.

You also need to offer him the foods he dislikes as he may start to like this one. It is because, as he cannot become a fussy eater. You can handle it tactfully.

As he needs all the components of nutrients you need to set the menu of his meals with the foods enriched with nutrients. His meals should be served with vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, meats, beans.

You need to prepare his meals keeping these in his menu for various meals. His main meals should contain solid foods prepared with the main nutritional components.

There is no barrier to feed him a specific food at a specific time. If you feed him vegetables as his breakfast, you can go for fish, meat or beans for his lunch, and egg yolks or cheese preparation at dinner.

You can interchange the foods alternatively. Your baby will enjoy the changes. You can start his morning with breast-milk or formula milk. His mid-morning snack can be finger foods as he can develop the skill.

Soft minced or chopped fruits are the good options as his mid-afternoon snack. Do not forget to feed him breast-milk or formula milk during his bed-time.

Foods: Three Main Meals

Your baby is used to consuming various types and texture of foods. Your effort is less now than before. You can bring a variety on his meals with his familiar foods. Your innovative ideas work for his stomach-full nutritious meals.

1. Breakfast

Beginning his day with breast-milk or formula milk you can feed him solid foods as his breakfast. Options are many for you. You can choose grains, cheese, yogurt, vegetables, fruits, and egg as his breakfast foods.

(I) Cereals

He already has got the taste of cereals. Rice, wheat, or oatmeals are good options. You can add soft fruits like banana or steamed apple with the cereals. Add the fruits alternatively as he can get different flavors.

You also have the option to introduce multigrain cereals. You can add rice and wheat cereals with oatmeals. Before trying so, at first you need to introduce the cereals separately.

(II) Bread

Bread is a good option for him to try. You can give him bread making it toasted or untoasted. Topping a little amount of butter or cheese is always delicious for him.

You have the option to top with vegetable or fruit puree. The taste of vegetables or fruits and the grains together is amazing for him.

(III) Pancakes

He will just love the food. It is better to make with a whole-grain mix. You also can prepare the dish with various fruits and vegetables. A combination of apples, carrots, and oats is a good example.


You can offer him eggs in various forms like scrambled eggs, mashed boiled eggs, or omelet. You must ensure the egg is cooked thoroughly. Adding cheese with egg while you are scrambling brings a yummy taste.

Scrambled egg yolk with bread is also a great breakfast idea of your baby food ideas. Try the foods alternatively as your baby’s breakfast. Start his day with a healthy breakfast ensuring proper nutrition using the suggestions for baby food ideas as examples.

2. Lunch

It is the 2nd heavy meal for him. As your options are huge you are free to offer him dishes with variety. Try to keep vegetables and protein-based foods on the lunch menu if you are skipping these for breakfast.

(I) Grilled Cheese

A good lunch option for your little one is grilled cheese. You can add cheddar with mozzarella to bring a different flavor and taste. Vegetables like a thin slice of carrots can be added to offer him vegetables.

(II) Macaroni/Pasta with Meat

Minced cooked chicken with pasta/macaroni is a delicious lunch dish for him. Cheese can be added to increase the taste and flavor more.

(III) Sandwich

Sandwich gives a different taste of bread to your little one. Options are huge to use the ingredients as the middle of the sandwich. Minced cooked chicken, vegetables, avocado, or cheese are tasty and nutritious middle ingredients. Use the ingredients alternatively.

(IV) Soup

Soup is an easy-feeding dish assuring the nutritional requirement. The ingredients of the soup are uncountable. You can prepare soup with various types of vegetables and meat like a chicken. Adding noodles with soup is a good choice to make it tastier. You can also add cheese to make tastier.

(V) Yogurt

Unsweetened yogurt is always great for him. Adding fruits with yogurt gives it a yummy taste.

Like breakfast, you should offer him the foods alternatively as he may not feel boredom with the same food. Your selection of foods can lessen your effort.

3. Dinner

The last meal of the day is as important as the other two meals. Serving him dinner in the right way gives him the chance to have his food in the right way at the right time.

(I) Baked Potato

Baked vegetables, like potatoes, are a super dinner dish for your little one. You can use soft vegetables and cheese as the filling. You can mash after baking if it is desired for him.

(II) Couscous

Couscous with vegetables or minced meat is another option as his dinner dish. Chickpeas are a good combination with couscous.

(III) Lasagne

Keeping lasagna in his dinner menu is worthy to feed him to make his dinner time enjoyable. Various vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, and chicken are the combing ingredients to make his dinner dish nutritious and delicious as well.

(IV) Quinoa

Quinoa is a great dinner dish for him. It is also easy to cook. Cooking quinoa boiling in the water you need to add mashed banana. Yogurt can be used as a tastier and flavorful addition. You can alternate the lunch dishes with dinner ones. It is better not to repeat the foods repeatedly. Your baby needs to have his meals with his own interest.

Daily Servings

Daily servings of foods are similar to the daily serving of 8 months old. You are feeding him three main meals and three snacks.

You can feed him one forth to one-half cup of cereals, vegetables, and fruits. Two to three tablespoons of dairy products and 4 tablespoons of protein are sufficient for him at this stage.

As your little one is growing up now help him to have the experience of new explorations. A healthy diet can help him to continue his physical and mental activities in the proper way.

Baby Food Ideas for 10 Months

Reaching on the 10th month probably the little one is trying to stand with or without support. He may start to walk now.

You already have tried various textures of foods for him. He already has tasted various foods. You just need to continue these and keep trying to make his meals funny and enjoyable.

As you already have introduced almost foods to him, you can serve the known ones with new form and preparation. Your innovative ideas can help him to get a different taste with familiar foods.


As his physical activities are more than before he needs more calories to burn. Your baby’s calorie requirement depends on his weight.

Generally, a baby of this age needs 90 to 120 calories per kilogram of his body weight. He requires the nutrient components he needs before.

So, you need to ensure the requirement including iron and calcium. You also should not ignore Omega-3 fatty acids.

Foods: For Your 10 Month Old Baby

Like his earlier stage, you just need to follow the food-pyramid ratio means you need to ensure the consumption of fruits, vegetables, carbs, protein-based foods as your baby foods for 10 months.

You also need to feed him iron and calcium-enriched foods as he needs both at this stage. Dairy products like cheese, yogurt need to be present at his diet menu. Beans, lentils, tofu, green and leafy vegetables are essential for the fulfilling of iron requirement.

You can find you do not need to think more about preparing his meals as the foods fulfilling his nutritional needs are familiar to you.

You just need to continue to feed him the foods he is already acquainted with these. You can have to try to give him different tastes with your innovative ideas.

Foods: How to Serve Him

Your baby has already tried different texture of foods. By age, most babies are acquainted with the thicker texture and they can move foods easily in their mouths.

So, it is not always necessary to use the food processor for preparing his foods. You can use a spoon to mash the foods as all his teeth are not sprouted yet.

By age, he also can handle minced or chopped foods. So, you can serve him foods with this texture. You need to make sure the served foods are tender enough to make soft and swallow.

Feeding Schedule

Like the previous months, he needs six meals including 3 snack times or lighter meals in a day. You just need to follow the feeding schedule of previous months.

You also have the opportunity to feed his three main meals at your mealtimes. He can enjoy family meals and the company of his family members.

If you are maintaining late meals it is better not to arrange his meals with your time schedule. Practicing so, he may be distracted with the meal schedule.

10 Month Baby Foods for Meals

You already have an idea of what foods can be present in his daily diet menu. His menu should consist of grains, vegetables, fish, or meat to fulfill the nutritional requirements. You need to feed him dairy products like yogurt, cheese as his meals. You also have the opportunity to use these as the ingredients of his dishes as you did before.

If you start his morning with heavy meals, you can feed him formula or breast milk as his snack.

As you are feeding him solid foods at lunchtime baked fish and vegetables are a good option as a lunch dish.

Pureed or mashed fruits or vegetables are fine afternoon snack for him. A piece of soft fruits or cooked soft vegetables is appreciated.

Egg yolks, meats like chicken, lamb, or beef, and whole grains can be present in his dinner menu. Dishes prepared with yogurt or cheeses are also a good option.

Please keep in mind, it is better not to repeat the same foods regularly. As you have many options to meet his nutritional requirement you can choose one after another at his daily menu committing the requirements.

Three Main Meals

As the options are countless it is easy for you to make your little one’s mealtimes enjoyable with yummy taste foods. It is only you who can help him to fill up his stomach with healthy and tasty foods. Your pioneering meal ideas help him to choose good foods for good health.

1. Breakfast

Breakfast is the first solid meal of the day while you are beginning his day with breast-milk or formula milk. You can repeat the foods you already have started for him. You can use the trick of cooking to give him new taste with old ones.

(I) Rice Pudding

Your baby is already familiar with rice. It is really good for breakfast. You can easily prepare the dish cooking the rice with milk. You can add strawberry or banana slices to add more flavor and taste.

(II) Pita Bread

If he has not got the taste of pita bread yet, you can give him the opportunity to taste. You need to cut the pieces as he can manage. Dipping the pieces in hummus can give him an amazing taste and flavor.

(III) Yams

Yams are another good option to keep in his breakfast menu. Yam puree is really delicious for him. Steaming slices of carrot and yams, you need to mash them and make your little one’s yummy breakfast with yams.

2. Lunch

Vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, rice, pasta- the options are uncountable for lunch dishes. You just need to pick one or two of these alternatively and help him to enjoy his dinner time.

(I) Tomato Soup

Babies usually like a tomato for its fascinating look. Tomato soup is easy to cook and tasty to eat. You can use basil leaves and a dollop of butter to make the soup more delicious.

(IIBaby Omelet

Omelet prepared with cubed potatoes, egg, peas and courgette can give him a heavy lunch recipe with full of nutrition. You need to boil potatoes in the water at first. Cooking with vegetables and adding a beaten egg with the mixture you can prepare the dish.

(III) Chicken Stew with Lentil

Lentils with chicken and potatoes give him a charming taste. A combination of both ingredients is also packed with nutrition. Cooking chicken thoroughly you need to add lentils and potatoes and need to bring boil in vegetable broth.

(IV) Spaghetti with Spinach and Parmesan

Spaghetti is a tasty recipe for your baby. The taste and flavor are increased while you are adding spinach and parmesan cheese. Boiling spaghetti and cooking the spinach with a little amount of butter you just need to stir cheese with both ingredients. It is better to add cheese with spinach before mixing with cooked spaghetti.

3. Dinner  

Like the lunch menu, his dinner menu should consist of nutritional components. As it is the last solid meal of the day keep attention as his stomach may fill in with a healthy diet.

(I) Meatballs

You can try meatballs as his dinner dish. Soaking a piece of brown bread in milk and removing the milk from the bread you need to mix with minced meat.

You need to make balls with the mixture and fry these. In a separate pan, you need to cook carrot with onion and garlic cloves. Adding tomato puree with carrot you need to add leftover milk. As soon as the sauce becomes thick you need to ass the meatballs.

(IIFish Pies

Fish pie is a good option for the little one. You can add broccoli and potatoes to bring a combined taste of fish and vegetables.

(III) Baked Pasta with Vegetables

You can add baked pasta in his dinner menu to have a new taste of pasta. Cooking vegetables like broccoli, carrots, courgette in a separate pan you need to pour over the cooked pasta and bake it for 20 minutes in the oven.

These recipes are only sample recipes for the little champ. You can prepare so many recipes for him with your own innovative ideas.

Daily Servings

You can follow the general daily servings in his 10th month. Try to ensure ½ cup of vegetables, grains or cereals, fruits daily. He needs 2 to 3 tablespoons of dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and 4 tablespoons of protein-based foods.

If you feel his appetite is not fulfilled with this measurement, you need to increase the amount. As he is moving forward now you may notice what foods he likes and what he does not.  If you think he is becoming picky eater you do not need to be disappointed about his nutrition. You just need to help him to get good food habits, obviously not forcing him.

Baby Food Ideas for 11 Months

Your little one has grown up! He can stand now with his own feet. He even can walk few steps now holding your hands. His physical activities are increasing day by day. He needs more energy for these activities.

His food habit is developed now. As your options are limitless you just need to continue your innovative efforts to provide him a healthy diet.


Like his early stages, his nutritional requirements are the same. As he is becoming dependent completely on solid foods more than breast milk you need to ensure the consumption of nutrition. At this age, you need to pay more concentration to fulfill the requirement of Vitamin D for his teeth and bone development.                                  

Foods for Your 11-Month-Old Baby

By that age, he is already introduced to almost all types of foods. If you are going to introduce any new food, you should offer the food repeatedly for a few days as you can notice any allergic issues. If you find no allergic issues you can add the food in his diet list.

Make sure the presence of the six components of nutrition at his daily diet chart. You cannot ignore any one of these. As one type of vegetables or fruit cannot fulfill the all requirement of nutrition it is better to use multi vegetables while you are preparing his meals.

You can feed him various types of fruits alternatively. In the same way, you can offer him meats and dairy products alternatively.

If you have not introduced citrus fruits like lemon, orange you can introduce now. You can feed him home-made fruit juice with no sugar as sugar may harm the teeth of your baby.

How to Serve Him

His chewing capacity improves gradually, so you can try pieces of well-cooked foods at this stage. You can offer him a piece of fish or meat cooked thoroughly and soft enough for him as he can manage.

It is better for him to continue with minced and chopped foods as he can develop his skill to consume the texture. If you think he is capable enough yet you should continue mashed foods.

Feeding Schedule

You can continue the previous feeding schedule for him. It means you need to feed him three main meals and three light meals.

You do not need to change the meals. His meal times may depend on his sleep time as 14 hours nighttime sleep and two naps are typical habits of babies at this age. So you need to coordinate his mealtimes with his sleep times as you can keep a proper gap between two meals.

Foods for Meals of Your 11-Month-Old

Like the previous months, he can begin his day with breast or formula milk. As he is habituated now with almost all types of foods; options are many.

You only need to ensure you are serving him all the components of nutrition at his mealtime. At mid-afternoon snack time you can continue with pieces of fruits or vegetables.

You can feed him snacks like biscuits or bread or puffs or dry cereal if you want to make a change with fruits at mid-afternoon snack.

Three Main Meals: Baby Food Ideas

You need to confirm the presence of the main components of nutrition in his three main meals. So you do not have options to choose anything else except carbohydrates, protein, and vitamin-based foods.

As you already know what foods you need to feed him it is not necessary to repeat. You just need to continue the foods ensuring his nutritional requirements.

1. Breakfast

Our body needs refueling after a long night’s sleep. So breakfast is an important meal for us as well as for our babies. So, you need to choose a healthy breakfast menu for his healthy day.

(I) Oatmeal with Coconut Milk

You have tried oatmeal so many times as breakfast. You can try now the known foods with a new combining ingredient. Oatmeal preparing with coconut milk brings a new taste of the food.

You can add some seasonal fruits to increase the flavor and taste. You can mix mashed or pureed fruits with the preparation. Soft chopped foods are also appreciated.

(II) Muffin

A muffin is a good option for his breakfast. Homemade muffins are really good for him with full of nutrition. You can prepare the dish easily combining oats, applesauce, and banana. You can add chopped blueberries and apple if you desire.

(III) French Toast

French toast is easy to make it easy for him to eat. If you have not fed him the egg white yet, you can use the yolk of egg and milk for coating. These are only sample food ideas of breakfast you can feed him at this stage.

You can find so many foods you have not tried yet. Try these alternatively as he does not feel boredom with his breakfast.

2. Lunch

You can keep rice, pasta, fish, vegetables, meat, and dairy products on his lunch menu. As the options are endless, here are examples of some of these.

(I) Baked Pasta with Tuna

Pasta with tuna steak is really delicious especially when you are baking. Mixing cooked pasta with tuna, pasta, and sweet corn you need to bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Your baby will just love it.

(IIBeef Stir Fry with Vegetables

You can prepare the dish easily with minced beef and vegetables like broccoli and carrots. Frying vegetables and minced beef with stir-frying you need to add vegetable broth and tomato puree with the cooked beef.

You can mash the mixture if it is desired. The delicious recipe can be served with rice or cooked rice can be mixed with the mixture if you like to do.

(III) Lentils with Rice and Vegetables

Your little one will love the new taste of lentils and rice. The recipe loaded with protein, carbs, and various types of vitamins are really amazing.

Frying vegetables, rice, and lentils with a little amount of oil you need to add water to bring it to boil. You can add onion while you are frying. You can try these for him at this stage. Trying these you are free to try others to make his lunchtime enjoyable with your innovative ideas.

3. Dinner

Your baby does not get any heavy meals for the next few hours after dinner. So, you need to ensure his healthy dinner as well as other meals of the day.

(I) Beef with Barley and Vegetables

Your little one will just love it. With the recipe, you can ensure the consumption of the main nutritional components. Boiling barley in the water you need to make it tender and soft.

The vegetables like carrots and broccoli need to be steamed in a steamer basket. You can add any other vegetables. Chopped and minced beef needs to be cooked in vegetable broth.

After cooking all the ingredients you need to mix together and can serve him after cooling down.

(IIRoasted Cauliflower

The roasted recipe is really amazing for him. As the dish is very easy to cook you can prepare the dish so quickly and easily. Tossing the cauliflower florets with olive oil you need to roast in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes.

(III) Broccoli with Cottage Cheese

This recipe with full of nutrition gives him a luscious taste of vegetables and dairy products. Boiling broccoli in the water at first you need to shallow fry cheese chink with rice bran oil. Make sure the quantity of oil is low.

Frying the chunks you need to add with the boiled broccoli florets. The recipe names are given as samples to boost up your confidence as a mom or parent of a growing up babies.

You can have endless options like the lunch and breakfast menu you can try and prepare for your precious one.

Daily Serving

You can follow the 9 and 10 months of daily serving depending on his appetite and willingness to eat. Generally, you can feed protein-based foods 4 to 5 tablespoons, fruits, vegetables, and cereals can be given up to half a cup and dairy products like yogurt, cheese 3 tablespoons.

As you are feeding him breast milk or formula 22 to 32 oz is sufficient for him. As the foods are similar to family meals your efforts are becoming less day by day.

As they are able to handle the spoon and developing their self-feeding skill you should continue the process and encourage him.

Food Ideas for 12 Month Baby

Your little baby is 12 months now and forwarding towards his first birthday! He is enjoying the exploration of the new world.

He is at the doorsteps to have all types of foods. You can set his menu with various types of food as there is no barrier to choosing his foods. So, you are free from stress to feed his meals to ensure his healthy growth.


Like his earlier stage, he needs all the components of nutrients more or less. Protein, calcium, iron, DHA, and choline are more important for his growth and development. As folate helps for tissue growth and function, it is important for him at this stage.

Foods for Your 12-Month-Old Baby

As he needs proper nutrition and he can have all types of foods now; you can offer him a variety of foods ensuring his nutritional requirements. The variety is wide with vegetables, fish, meat, poultry, and dairy products.

You need to offer him various types of foods and dishes as he can become habituated with these foods. You are free to feed him the family meals. But, you need to cook the foods with a low quantity of spices.

It is the time to switch from formula milk to whole milk. Cow’s milk is enriched with calcium, protein, and essential vitamins. He can drink cow’s milk. 200-300 ml cow’s milk is sufficient for him at this stage.

If he does not like to drink milk you can feed him milk-made foods. Whole milk is preferable for his growth and development. You can feed him breast milk depending on his desire.

How to Serve Him

As he has few front teeth now, he can chew better at the earlier stage. If you think he can handle sliced or pieces of foods you can offer him. You need cut into small pieces while you are offering him any hard foods like meat.

By this age, he may manage spoons for self-feeding. So, you need to encourage him to continue self-feeding. You can also offer him mashed or lumpy texture if he is not habituated with finger foods yet.

Feeding Schedule

You can continue the previous feeding schedule for your 12-month-old baby. You do not need to make any changes. Three main meals and two snacks are sufficient.

These meals are sufficient to ensure his nutritional and appetite needs. You just need to ensure offering him nutritional foods.

Foods for Meals

Like his early stages, you need to set his menu with the foods ensuring the nutrition components. It is not necessary to suggest specific foods for the nutritional requirements as he can eat all types of foods.

As for vegetables, fish, meat, poultry, and dairy products are enriched with various nutritional components you just need to ensure the presence of these in his menu.

As the options are limitless you can prepare various dishes for him. Like the previous stages, you can keep a heavy menu for his three main meals.

If you are continuing breast milk you can start his morning with breast milk. If you are not, you can feed him a heavy meal for breakfast and feed him cow’s milk as mid-morning snacks.

Finger foods pieces of fruits, thin biscuits, pieces of cheese, yogurt with fruits, or fruit milkshakes are a good option for his mid-afternoon snacks.

1. Breakfast

As he needs a proper diet for his proper growth and development you should start his day with a healthy breakfast. You can prepare a healthy breakfast for him with available ingredients.

(I) Sweet Potato waffles

As sweet potato is widely recommended for children, sweet potato waffles are a good option for his breakfast. The preparation of the recipe is really easy.

You need to whisk all ingredients first. The main ingredients of the dish are sweet potato puree, flour, baking powder, eggs, cinnamon, yogurt, milk, coconut oil, or butter.

You can skip sugar and salt if you desire. Pouring the batter into a preheated waffle maker, you can cook easily following the instruction of the waffle maker.

(IIAvocado Toast

Try the recipe as his breakfast foods. You can prepare the amazing recipe with a piece of whole wheat bread, ripe avocado, and boiled egg.

Toasting the bread lightly you need to spread the smashed avocado onto the bread and then you need to sprinkle the chopped boiled egg on the top. This recipe is really helpful in your busy days to ensure his nutritional fulfillment.

(III) Chinese Steamed Eggs

Chinese steamed egg is another option to make your little prince morning enjoyable with his first meal of the day.

You can make the recipe easily beating the eggs and mixing with vegetable or chicken stock. The mixture needs 10 to 14 minutes to be steamed.

You can garnish it with chives, sesame oil, and soy sauce. The topping is not mandatory. You can try these recipes to give him tasty and delicious foods as well.

If you are trying cereals, porridge, or others in the traditional way the variety of breakfast foods helps him to have a new taste of old foods.

2. Lunch

Lunch is the 2nd heavy meal for your baby. As the options are limitless you can prepare his lunch recipes with your own choice. You can use your innovative ideas to bring something new.

(I) Quesadilla

Quesadilla with chicken or avocado is a grand lunch dish for the little one. Sprinkling cheese and mashed avocado or minced chicken on tortilla wrap you can prepare the recipe. He will just love the recipe and enjoy his lunchtime.

(IIEgg Rice

Rice is a good option for lunch. Rice serving with egg ensures the requirement of protein. You can feed him fried rice with egg. Chopped seasonal vegetables can be added. You also can serve boiled rice with egg curry.

(III) Noodles Soup

Babies are usually fond of soup. If you have not tried soup noodles yet, you can introduce the recipe to him. You need udon noodles to prepare the recipe. You need to cook chicken, scallions, and sesame oil with vegetable and chicken broth and add cooked noodles with the cooked mixture. These recipes are examples of how you can offer him a healthy and delicious lunch. You are free to feed him other recipes with your innovative ideas.

3. Dinner

Your baby does not get any heavy meals after dinner. His body needs proper fuel for its activity overnight. So, you need to ensure his healthy dinner menu.

(I) Quinoa with Vegetables

You can choose quinoa for his dinner as it is loaded with protein, dietary fiber, and Vitamin B and minerals.

Using vegetables like beans and corn you can offer him a healthy dinner fulfilling his nutritional requirement.

Boiling quinoa with water stir-fried black beans and corn need to be mixed with quinoa. As the recipe is really easy to cook and time-saving you can prepare it even your weekdays.

(IIVegetables with Cheese

He will love the veggie with cheese recipe. The recipe goes well with broccoli and cauliflower. You can use other vegetables if you desire.

Making sauce with flour and milk and sprinkling cheddar cheese over the sauce you need to add with cooked veggies and bake it for 15 to 20 minutes. He will enjoy his dinner time with a delicious and healthy menu.

(III) Butternut Squash Risotto

Butternut squash and cooked brown rice are the main ingredients of the dinner dish. Baking the chopped vegetables you need to make a puree using chicken or vegetable broth and stir with cooked rice. The easy recipe can satisfy your little one’s appetite and nutritional requirements.

The recipes are given to encourage your confidence. You can make an experiment altering the ingredients and make new ones for your cutie pie.

Daily Serving

You may notice a decrease in your baby’s appetite. As the rate of his natural growth slows down at this stage it may happen. So he may not show interest to consume foods each day. You do not need to be worried. ¼ to ½ cup of carbohydrates, grains; ¼ to ½ cup of vegetables and fruits, ¼ cup of protein are sufficient for him.

Foods to Avoid          

Some foods may harm your baby until he is 12 months. You already know what foods you can give him. You should know what foods need to be avoided.

1. Sugar

Sugar may the cause of his tooth decay. So you need to avoid added sugar foods and drink.

2. Salt

Added salt may harm his kidney. So try to avoid adding salt to his meals.

3. Honey

Honey may cause botulism. So do not feed him, honey, until he is 12 months.

4. Cow’s Milk

It is already discussed above cow’s milk is not allowed for him until he is 12 months. You are free to feed him pasteurized cheese, yogurt.

5. Uncooked Eggs

From the above recipes given you already have an idea, the egg must be cooked fully. You should avoid uncooked eggs.

6. Whole Nuts

Whole nuts may cause choking hazards. You should avoid whole nuts until he gets the ability to manage nuts in his mouth and chew with his own teeth to make it to swallow.

Try to feed him home-made foods. You can use packaged ingredients for preparing his meals. While you are feeding him ready meals you need to check the package instruction and directions carefully.

Baby Dinner Ideas Help to Feed Your Babies in the Right Way

Moms are always looking for baby dinner ideas as they can provide healthy dinner to their babies in the right way. We, Moms always want to see our baby healthy, energetic, and full of life.

Baby Dinner Ideas
Baby Dinner Ideas

We always try to feed our baby healthy meals. So, we need to know how we can give them proper nutrition in the right way. Proper nutrition is the key to the baby’s good health.

Just think, is only healthy food at dinner time sufficient for our baby’s mental and physical development? Our all efforts will work only when we feed our baby his dinner in the right way.

If our baby is forced to eat all healthy foods despite his interest it may cause of his reluctance about food. Then it will not help at all for his physical and mental development.

I personally never force my babies to eat despite their reluctance. Rather I follow some techniques to make their dinner and as well as other meals enjoyable. 

Healthy Dinner Ideas for Your Baby

As a mom, we need to have some ideas on how we should feed our babies making their meals interesting and what foods we need to feed our babies. These ideas are really helpful to provide them a healthy dinner. 

These ideas help us to know what we should do when our babies are not interested to eat their dinner. Please keep in mind these ideas and suggestions are only applicable for 1 to 4 years babies.

First of all, we need to keep in mind we have enough ability as moms to introduce our babies with good foods. We can help them to learn to enjoy healthy foods. If we fail to teach them they may become picky eaters and we may have to face trouble to provide them proper nutrition. 

Tricks to Feed Your Baby’s a Healthy Dinner

You can follow some tricks to provide your baby with proper nutrition. I follow these and get better results for my babies’ feeding. These tricks help also your baby to have good health. Here are these:

1.    Make A Schedule

First of all you have to make a schedule for your baby’s dinner. Babies should be fed every three to four hours: three meals, two snacks, and a lot of fluids. It helps the baby not to have an empty stomach. The baby becomes habituated with such schedule and discipline. 

2.    Make a Plan for Your Baby’s Dinner

Make a dinner plan for two or three days for your baby. You must keep in mind that his dinner needs not to be fancy but you have to provide him balanced food.

You can prepare entree soup or Mexican Chili and keep these in the fridge. Heat it up and you can add whole grain bread and apple or melon. Your baby’s healthy dinner is ready.

3.    Provide New Food

Kids are very curious and interested in new things. Naturally, they feel amazed when you introduce new food at dinner time. But do not expect, they will like your new food all the time.

So, you have to be tricky. If they do not like the food is really good for their growing up, you have to be innovative for cooking the foods as they love it like the new one.

4.    Try To Be Their Friends

Do not be a teacher while they are refusing to take any specific food at their dinner time. “At this point, your job is simply to offer the food. Explain Scott Cohen, MD, a pediatrician and author of Eat, Sleep, Poop: A Common Sense Guide to Your Baby’s First Year.”Don’t force things or stress. Kids tend to grow and get nutrients they need, even though it sometimes seems like they’re growing off of sunlight and air.”[1]

5.    Involve Your kids With Your Work

If you keep your babies with you in choosing or preparing meals, they will be interested in eating what they have made.

It does not mean that you are allowing them to cook. Just keep them with you while cooking. They can mix vegetables in salad or placing the foods on the table.

6.    Finish Your Own Dinner

Please take your dinner on time and finish your own dinner. If you are not finishing your own dinner they will start to consider it as very normal. And they will start doing so.

From these techniques your baby can get benefits to grow up properly. If you try to provide him a variety of healthy foods, you are providing him the opportunity to have all the components of nutrition. He can be habituated with healthy foods for the rest of the life. 

Foods: Good for Your Baby

As a parent you need to know what foods are really important for your baby. Let’s see the foods really good for your baby to give them a healthy life.

1.    Vegetables

Make your baby habituated with vegetables. If you are doing so at the early stage he will enjoy eating vegetables when he has grown up. 

Vegetables play a vital role in a baby’s healthy growth and development. Vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These protect your baby from diseases.

When you are trying a new vegetable, do not be impatient if he does not like it. Do not force him to eat and do not try the vegetable repeatedly. Try the food after a few days. In this case, you can add some new flavor or spices to make a different taste.

2.    Fish

Fish is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Oily fishes play a vital role in your baby’s brain development as these contain omega-3.

You need to cook the fish thoroughly and remove the bones from the fish otherwise it may cause danger.

3.    Meat

Meat provides iron, zinc, and also provides vitamin D. It is necessary to provide iron in his dinner.

You can try chicken at first. Then you can take the chance to give him red meat. You need to reassure that the meat is cooked well. Remove bones from the meat.

4.    Pulse

Pulses and beans are a good source of protein and iron. These are also easy to cook. These also can be a substitute for meat and fish.

You can try lentils with vegetables for your baby. Vitamin C of vegetables will help the body to absorb the iron of the lentils.

You can find a better result if you follow the shared ideas and the foods for your baby’s dinner. These ideas really help your baby’s healthy growth. 

Solutions of Baby’s Refusal to Eat Dinner

Sometimes, we have to face a problem feeding them. The problem is our babies sometimes refuse to eat their dinner or other meals. You can find the solution to the unwanted problems. Let’s see the solution.

1.    Try To Know The Reason

If your baby is constantly refusing their dinner try to know the reason for their refusal. If he gives you a reasonable answer then try to solve it. If he does not have any reasonable answer; do not start to teach him. 

You can discuss with him how dinner is important for him to provide proper nutrition. Let him understand a healthy dinner helps him to be energetic more. He can play more with his friends if he feels fit and energetic.

2.    Don’t Scold Your Baby

Control your anger when your baby is not taking his dinner. Do not force him to eat. Rather, it’s better to chat with him in a friendly manner. Try him to realize that you have cooked for him with all your efforts,  if he eats it you will be happy.

3.    Cutlery Set

Some babies like the bright colors of their cutlery. They like to use the same color, the shape of cutlery watch on TV. You can bring such a set to make their dinner time enjoyable.

If you are a little bit tricky and have the ideas of necessary food elements for your baby at dinner time you don’t need to give much effort to feed your baby.

Bottom Line for the Baby Dinner Ideas

Healthy baby dinner ideas can help your baby’s growing us with a healthy body. As healthy meals and dinner as well the key to a healthy body you should not ignore your baby’s dinner. 

Any interruption of a healthy dinner may cause your baby’s poor health. Providing junk foods in place of healthy foods to reduce hassles in the kitchen is not considered for the baby’s proper growth. 

You do not need to take much effort to provide a healthy dinner. You only need to apply your common sense and a bit of concentration. These are enough to gift your baby a healthy life.

Remind that, first of all you are the mother of your baby then you have all other identities. I hope you can enjoy your dinner time with the best gift of your life.

Meta Description: Baby dinner ideas ensure your baby’s good health. You can have solutions if your baby refuses to eat dinner. 


You can follow the guidelines of baby food ideas for your little prince. Keep in mind a proper diet can build a healthy future.

As the mom or parent, you are responsible to build his healthy life. You have the power to help him to be habituated with healthy eating.

It is not so easy and difficult at the same time to gift him a healthy life. Your will power and love for his great future life are the secrets of your effort to provide him healthy foods.

I have tried to encourage your confidence as you may not be overwhelmed with a big responsibility to ensure his nutrition. I hope my baby food ideas may help you to ensure his nutritional requirements at his various stages.

I know well we all have the ability to face the challenge to provide our babies proper diet as they need. The baby food ideas are enough to lessen your effort as you can feel free while you are going to start solids for him.