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What is breakfast

All we know what is breakfast, but many of us do not know its history. A large percentages do not know about types of breakfast. If you are interested to know you can look through this writing.

The answer to’ what is breakfast’ is plain and simple. In the modern era, we are used to with three meals in a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner or supper. Breakfast is the first meal of the day.

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal in modern society. Maximum percentages of people all over the world cannot think to start their day without having breakfast. As the first meal of the day, it has a great role in our daily life.

We have our breakfast in the morning. The food that we usually eat in the morning is considered breakfast food. However, with the word ‘breakfast’ has its meaning. Let’s see.

What is Breakfast: The Meaning

The literal meaning of breakfast is to break one’s fast. We do not eat the whole night while we are sleeping. We eat our first meal in the morning after a whole night of fasting. So, breakfast is the meal that helps you to break your fast.

History of Breakfast

Having breakfast in the morning existed in ancient times. But it was not known as breakfast. It was known as ‘morgenmete’ in old English meaning morning food.   

In ancient Egypt, we can find the existence of breakfast early in the morning. People used to have soup, bread, beer, and onions as their breakfast food.

In ancient Greece, breakfast was known as ‘ariston’. Later on, it was moved to noon and they introduced a new meal that was taken in the morning.

Before mid 13th century, the word ‘dinner’ was used for referring to breaking one’s fast. People generally used to have their first meal late in the morning. In the 15th century, the word ‘breakfast’ was started to be used as the morning meal or breaking one’s fast.

 In the middle ages in Europe, having breakfast was not included in the daily routine. People were used to two meals in a day. They ate their first meal at midday and the other one in the evening.  

Having breakfast was considered only for children, poor health, and old age people. Eating breakfast or morning meal in the morning was considered to get strength for the whole day for labor or poor class people. It also meant that they are not able to have a large midday dinner.

 It was not considered one of the most important meals of the day. But the term ‘breakfast’ was not used then. The normal custom of society was to take their first meal late in the morning or noon.

During that period, the breakfast menu was plain and simple. The breakfast menu consisted of a piece of rye bread and cheese. No meat was included in the breakfast menu.

By the 15th century high-class people started to show a keen interest in breakfast and by the 16th century having breakfast in the morning became a common practice. In the 15th century, meat started to be included in the breakfast menu. By the 16th century coffee and tea became a part of the beverage at the breakfast table.

Types of Breakfast

There are several types of breakfast you can find all over the world. The common types are Full Breakfast and Continental breakfast. You can find both types in many hotels all over the world, You can also find American Breakfast in many hotels in the UK, USA, Canada, and many other countries.

Full Breakfast

A full breakfast is a breakfast meal with a heavy menu. It usually consists of meat preparation like bacon, sausage, egg, and other cooked foods. It also consists of fruit juice, milk, tea, or coffee depending on the diner’s choice.

Full Breakfast

Full breakfast is also known as ‘English Breakfast”. It is very much popular in England, Ireland, and English-speaking countries as well. The full breakfast also represents the British dish. The common menu of full breakfast is sausage and mash, shepherd’s pie, fish, and chips.

Continental Breakfast

Continental breakfast is light and simple. The continental breakfast menu consists of bread in various forms and types, jam, butter, fruit juice, tea, or coffee.

Continental breakfast

Continental Breakfast is also divided into two types- Café Complete and Café Simple. Café complete offers a full menu like bread toast, croissants, brioche, rolls, butter, jam, honey, fresh juice, tea, and coffee. Café Simple provides only tea or coffee.

American Breakfast

American breakfast is similar to English breakfast, Stewed fruits, fresh fruit juice, bacon, sausage, bread with butter or jam, various forms of bread, and, eggs with various forms like fried, boiled, or poached are served at the breakfast table. Tea, coffee, or hot chocolate are available as a beverage.

American Breakfast

Apart from these, there are also Instant Breakfast, Champaign Break, and regional breakfast. Let’s see what they are.

Instant Breakfast

Instant breakfast is the breakfast that does not need to be prepared or can be prepared instantly. Pre-cooked frozen foods are considered instant breakfasts. Powdered form breakfast is also marketed as instant breakfast. It can be prepared with milk.

Instant Breakfast

The powdered form is not a breakfast meal. It is a substitute for breakfast containing protein, vitamins, minerals, and sugar.

Champagne Breakfast

Champaign breakfast is introduced very recently in some countries. It is not an example of a traditional breakfast. The meal is served with Champagne or Sparkling wine. Rich foods like salmon, caviar, chocolate, and pastries consist in the breakfast menu.

Champagne Breakfast

Regional Breakfast

Regional breakfast refers to the breakfast of a place where we are living.

Regional breakfast is a breakfast that people of a specific location have in the morning. The menu varies from region to region. For example, the Indian breakfast menu is not similar to the Chinese or English breakfast menu. Hotels in the regions provide a regional breakfast menu.

Regional Breakfast

So, you can see the difference and similarities between these types of breakfasts. You can notice that all these types contain carbohydrates, protein and vitamins may be in a different forms. So, these ensure the nutritional requirements of our body.


As you are with me till the end of the content you can say, now you know the history and types of breakfast along with what is breakfast. You can think it does not matter whether we know about it or not. We are fine with our daily breakfast and what we would do knowing this. But, to me, it is important to know a to z about the most important meal.

Knowing the information may not have any impact directly on our daily life or directly on our daily meals, but knowing something new is amazing for me. So, hopefully, if you are interested to know about breakfast you will like the content.

Lastly, it is established breakfast is the most important meal in the day that helps us to regenerate for the whole day, so pay attention to your first meal. Do not miss it and get ready to face all hazards and actions of your whole day.