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How many of us know the importance of dinner? We already know what is dinner and the best time to dinner to maintain a healthy life. We need to know the importance of dinner as it does not only fulfill our appetite it has an amazing role ensuring our good health.

We all have our dinner as a part of our daily routine. And most of us take our meals in various times to fulfill our empty stomach without knowing the importance of the meals.

Our lack of knowledge about the importance of our last meal may lead us to underestimate the last meal. So, we should have the conception about the necessity of the last meal. It can help us to practice healthy dinner daily on time. 

Importance of Dinner in Our Daily Life

Dinner plays a vital role in our daily life. The last meal of the day is essential for us to have a healthy body. It also plays a vital role in our social and family life. A good dinner time can give us a healthy life and memorable moments with our own.

Why is Dinner Important for Our Health

Dinner helps us to enjoy our healthy life in many ways. It helps our organs to keep functioning. A healthy dinner protects us from many health issues. 

Dinner Importance for Functioning of Our Organs

As we are busy with our work schedules, sometimes it becomes difficult for us to get enough time for dinner. In that case, we, who are trying to lose our weight, think that it is better to skip our dinner. Do you know, this concept is completely against our healthy life?

Proper food is the basis of health and health is the foundation for a properly functioning metabolism and healthy weight loss. A healthy breakfast is an important start to the day and key to maintain weight loss. Lunch and dinner are important equally, keeping the metabolism up and keeping us from becoming famished.

Our body is consistently working, even though at night when we are sleeping. Our heart is pumping for 24 hours. Breathing through lungs is a continuous process. All these functions remain for 24 hours. So it is essential to fuel our body even at night assuring enough capability of organs to perform their works.

Dinner keeps our metabolism under control

Dinner improves the way our body functioning. A healthy and wholesome dinner can promote better metabolic functions promoting greater success in our weight loss efforts. Good dinner has the power to balance the endocrine system and blood sugar levels.

Dinner keeps Our Blood Sugar in Check

Waking up during the night is caused by the fall of our blood sugar level. Then the body has to release amounts of glucose that has been stored, which can often make it difficult to get back to sleep. To ensure that this does not happen, it’s important to have dinner that combines protein and carbohydrate.

Dinner Fuels Our Body

During sleeping our body do not get required fuels for the next few hours. So it is better to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients from our dinner.

We should keep in our mind that the food we take at dinner, fuels our body till our breakfast time.

One point should be considered that we burn more calories while we sleep rather than sitting and watching TV. So it is not true that we will gain weight if we have your dinner.

Dinner with Carbohydrates Can Help to Control Hunger

A recent study has found that eating carbs at night may help you control your appetite throughout the day. The ability to control hunger is a key strategy of weight loss.

Dinner Helps in Growth of Muscles

The meal can help can help us to improve our muscles. A study in the ‘Journal of Nutrition’ suggests to consume 40 grams of protein at dinner time.[1]

Dinner is Important for Family Attachments

Dinner is as important for our family and social life as it is important to have a healthy life. Dinner is not only a meal, it gives us the opportunity to get the attachment of our own. It also teaches us many issues. 

Dinner Gives Us The Chance To Sit Together

In our busy life, dinner time is the only time when we can sit together with our family. It is the time when we can share what is happening in our life with the other members of our family. 

It is also very important time for our children as they can share their thoughts, views and activities like how they spend their time in school with their classmates and with their teachers. They can express their liking and disliking at dinner time and gradually they start to feel they are the part of the family.

Dinner Teaches Us Discipline

Dinner helps kids to be habituated with a daily routine. They will manage time for dinner when they will come home at the end of the day and will enjoy their dinner time with their own.

Dinner allows teaching Our Kids

In the dinner time, we can teach our children their responsibilities, mannerism, etiquette and encourage them to do their chores. We do not need to give more effort for this. 

Kids like to imitate what they see, they start to follow the practice unknowingly. So we get an opportunity to teach them to be self-dependent.

We can call them to help us like to set the table, clean the table, serve the food etc. These efforts do not help them only to be self-dependent but also they start to feel they are contributing to the family.

Dinner Helps Our Kids’ Health

You can ensure your kids’ good health with a warm dinner time. A healthy dinner in an enjoyable family environment plays a lot to your kids’ health. The kids who get the opportunity to have family dinner tend to have more healthy foods.

Dinner Helps Teens to Check Emotions

A study shows teens having their dinner regularly with their family have lower rates of suicidal tendencies and depression. [2] You can have the opportunity to notice any disorder in them if you are having the last meal with your children.

Dinner Refreshes Our Heart, Mind and Soul

At the end of a long day, sitting down calmly at the table is the best part of one’s life. There is something pretty special about being surrounded by the one’s we love while sharing a meal.

Skipping Dinner May Harm You

Sometimes we skip our dinner for some silly reasons. We must be aware that, skipping dinner is not the solution. This practice is not good for us. It may harm us in many ways. 

Skipping Dinner is the Cause of Losing Nutrients

According to the market research firm NPD Group, most Americans eat less than half of the government-recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables every day. Many Americans have difficulty meeting their nutrient requirements in three full meals a day, so taking dinner out of the equation could make it even more challenging.

Health Risks

According to Columbia University, skipping any meal consistently can negatively affect our metabolism and hunger control mechanisms. When go for more than hours without having anything, our blood sugar level drops and our body becomes unable to supply glucose to our brain. It may cause of impaired concentration, fatigue, dizziness and irritability.

Skipping Dinner Increases Hunger

There is a large gap between our last meal and our first meal of the next day if we are going to skip our dinner. This gap can cause of starving, acidity, nausea and disturbance of sleeping. When our stomach is not full we may search for junk food at night that is not good for us at all.

We Need To Take Early Dinner

When we are awake, our body works at BMR (basal metabolic rate) but when we sleep, it slows down to RMR (resting metabolic rate). The longer we are awake, the more our body will be able to burn versus burning lesser at rest.[2]

So, if we take our dinner before 2/3 hours of our bed time we can be able to burn the excess fat in our body. That is why skipping dinner is not the solution to live a healthy life.


It is the time to take decision what you need to do. Skip dinner or have a healthy early dinner? I am sure you have a rethink now, before skipping their dinner. 

You just need to keep in your mind that having dinner does not mean you need to have lavish dinner. You need a wholesome healthy dinner to keep your body fit and healthy.

Please keep in your mind that “we eat to live not live to eat”. You need to set your mind to have healthy food at dinner time. Then it can easier for you now to choose a healthy menu for your dinner time leaving behind the thought of skipping dinner.