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Best Emergency Food Supplies in 2021

It is wise for us to keep emergency food supplies with us for handling emergencies. As the best emergency food supply provides our regular vital nutrition we have no chance to deny the value of the food ration.

As we do not need to cook or heat those up we do not need to worry about any emergency like earthquake, cyclone, and other unforeseen situation. As these are easily transportable these are also a good companion for us while we are out of home for hiking, camping, etc.  

At times, it is a little bit challenging for us to choose the right product as we find many options for such products. Before choosing the products we need to ensure the nutritional requirement of our body. As taste also matters for our satisfaction we need to choose the product combining taste and nutrition. 

What is the Best Emergency Food Supply?

We can mention the food supplies as ‘the best emergency food supplies’ which provide nutrition and taste at the same time.

First of all the food supplies need to ensure our body’s nutritional requirement as we can survive in any difficult situation. When it comes to the situation of ‘life and death’ the food supplies need to provide our daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals.

 Secondly, we do not expect the full satisfaction of our tongue while we are in troublesome situation. As we use such products during emergencies while we are away from the taste of our regular meals we expects the assurance of  the minimum requirement of taste.

10 Best Emergency Food Supply List in 2021

As you can find various emergency food supplies from online stores and shopping stores, and you may become confused to choose your required ones. You can lessen your effort just by looking through the list below. Please check the list.

  1. The Survival Tabs
  2. 30 Days Survival Tabs
  3. The Survival Tabs for 60 Days
  4. S.O.S Emergency food Ration
  5. 3 Days Emergency food Ration
  6. Emergency food Ration
  7. S.O.S Emergency Food Ration
  8. Military Russian Army Food Ration
  9. E.R Bar
  10. Military Russian Army Food Ration

Best Rated Emergency Food supplies

You can find the best-rated emergency food supplies from the above list. Though the products are prepared to ensure your survival for a few days or weeks the rating of the products is really high for the taste and flavor. These are easily transportable.

Table of Content

Image Product Name Details Price
1. The Survival Tabs

8 Days Tabs
96 Tabs
Different Flavor
Check Price
2. 30 Days Survival Tabs
360 Tablets
Strawberry Flavor
2 Bottles in One Pack
Check Price
3. The Survival Tabs for 60 Days
60 Days Pack
720 Tabs
Mixed Flavor
Check Price
4. S.O.S Emergency Food Ration
3 Days Pack
Single Pack
9 Food Bars
Check Price
5. 3 Days Emergency Food Ration
3 Days Pack
Each bar contains 400 Calorie
Lemon Flavor
Check Price
6. Emergency  Food Rations
3 Days Pack
3600 calories
9 Food bars
Check Price
7. S.O.S Emergency Food Ration
2 Packs in one package
Coconut and Cinnamon flavor
410 Calories/bar
Check Price
8. Military Russian Army Food Ration One Day Pack
Meal Pack
4555 calorie
Check Price
9. E R Bar 72 Hours Pack
6 Bars
2400 Calorie
Check Price
10. Northwest Fork 30 Days Pack
Meal Pack
Vegan Ingredient
6 Types of Recipes
Check Price

Detail Review of the 10 Best Emergency Food Supply

From the above table and list, you can have an idea about the emergency food supply products on your requirement. If you are confused yet, you can also look through the below to make your decision. 

#1 The Survival Tabs

The survival tabs provide emergency food supply to your body while you are not in the situation to have your regular meals. As these tabs work as a replacement for your food requirement these are helpful in any natural disaster like earthquake, tsunami, and so on.

The Survival Tabs

  • These tabs provide 100% of 15 types of vital vitamins and minerals.
  • The pouches ensure 8 days’ essential nutrition for a person.
  • The kit contains 4 pouches.
  • Each pouch contains 24 tabs
  • 4800 calories are available in each pouch.
  • Each pouch contain a different flavor

The Survival Tabs

Why are The Survival Tabs Suggested for You?
  • You just need to chew the tabs to fulfill your nutritional requirement while you are not in the situation even to add water and make your meals.
  • The kit provides 4 types of flavor-vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, and chocolate. So, there is no chance to be bored.
  • You can absorb 58% carbohydrates, 9% protein, 25%fat, 18mg Iron, and other minerals2%.
  • The shelf life of the kit is for 25 years.
  • You can use in your busy office hours to fuel your body with nutrition and you can feel full.
  • The tabs in 4 individual pouches are not wrapped individually. However, each pouch contains 24 tabs and you can use 24 tabs twice a day for your requirement.
  • As the kit is prepared for an emergency it is better not to expect to have the taste of the meal. But the flavors of the tabs are amazing.
Customer Questions and Answers:
  • Are these good for diabetic patients?

The kit contains sugar.

  • Is the kit vegetarian?

Yes, the vegetarian can use the kit if they consume milk.

  • Where to store it?

You can keep it in a cool and dry place.

#2  The Survival Tabs

You can survive for 30 days in any natural disaster like an earthquake, cyclone with the survival tabs. The tabs can be a good option for you if you have no food ration with you in any unpredictable situation.

The Survival Tabs
  • 2 bottles in each pack
  • Each bottle contains 180 tablets
  • The tabs contain essential vitamins and minerals for the daily requirement of the body
  • Each tablet contain 20 calorie
  • The tabs are strawberry flavor
  • The tabs are full of quality protein

The Survival Tabs

Why is ‘The Survival Tabs’ suggested for you?
  • You can survive yourself with the package for 30 days when you have no option to have your regular meals in any unpredictable situation.
  • As the package offers tabs for 30 days and 12 tabs daily are sufficient for one person, more than one person can survive with these depending on how many days are needed.  
  • The package contains protein of high quality and 15 types of vital vitamins and nutrients
  • You can feel fit and healthy while you have no food no ration in any difficult situation.
  • 97%protein of the tabs can be absorbed in your body for repairing your nerves and muscles.  
  • As per tablet provides 20 calories, if you take12 tabs a day, you get 240 calories daily. However, it does not matter, the tablets are not alternatives to food. These are produced to help you to survive under any difficult circumstances.
Customer Question and Answer:
  • Are the products meals?

No, these are not meals. These are produced with essential vitamins, minerals, and protein for emergency

  • Is the product dairy-free?

No, milk powder is used

#3 The Survival Tabs for 60 Days

With this product, you can ensure your survival for 60 days while you are not in the situation to have your regular meals. It is a good option for you to ensure your body’s essential requirements of vitamins and minerals.

The Survival Tabs for 60 Days
  • 720 tablets in this package
  • Each pack of the product contains 180 tablets
  • 12 tablets are required to take daily
  • Tablets contain mixed flavor
  • Each tablet contains 20 calorie
  • Quality protein and 15 types of vital vitamins and minerals are used
  • Shelf Life for 25 years

The Survival Tabs

Why are The survival Tabs suggested for you?
  • The package contains 720 tablets dividing into 4 bottles. So you can open the bottles as per your requirement. There is no chance of spoiling the tablets of other bottles.
  • The tablets ensure your regular vitamins, minerals, and protein
  • Your body can absorb 99% of the calories of the tablets
  • As the package is for 60 days, multiple persons can use it depending on how many days they need the support
  • Each tablet contains 20 calories. 12 tablets are suggested to chew. So daily calorie requirements may not meet. However, as it is for an emergency when your physical activity is not the same as regular days and 99% of calories of the tabs are absorbed it is not a big issue.
Customer question and Answer:
  • Do I need to heat the tabs?

No, you do not need to heat the tabs or add water. You can chew these

  • Do the tabs make you feel full?

No, these tabs help you to survive in a difficult situation providing necessary vitamins, minerals, and protein

 #4. S.O.S  Emergency Food Ration

You can keep the single pack on your shopping list thinking of an emergency. This package is sufficient to provide your necessary calorie requirement. You can fulfill your health requirement in the situation even you have no water supply for food preparation.

S.O.S  Emergency Food Ration
  • The package provides 3600+ Calorie
  • You can maintain your food requirement with the food bars for three days
  • As it is a single pack you can
  • Carbohydrate: 53 gm, Fat: 18 gm, Sugar: 31gm
  • You can preserve the pack for 5 years
  • 9 food bars in each package

Alpine Commerce  

Why is S.O.S suggested for you?
  • You can make your difficult days enjoyable as the bars are delicious
  • Each bar contains 410 calories. So three bars are enough for a day
  • As the kit helps to feel no thirst, you can manage three days easily with the kit
  • As the price is not high and shelf life is for 5 years you can preserve to ensure your body requirement in any difficult situation.
  • The whole package provides 3600+ calories for three days. The normal recommendation of daily calorie need is 2000 to 2500 in our regular life. In an emergency, you can manage with 1200 calories daily as your body does not need the same energy as it needs in your busy days.
Customer Question and Answer
  • Are these bars hard?

No, these are not too hard to bite. If you have any dental issues you can consult your dentist.

  • Can vegetarians use the product?The product does not contain any animal ingredients.

# 5 3 Days Emergency Food Ration

This product provides you emergency food supply for three days. With the bars of the package, you can keep your body active to handle any emergency like natural disasters and other unforeseen situations.

3 Days Emergency Food Ration
  • The single package contains 9 food bars
  • Each bar contains a 400 calorie
  • The whole package contains 3600 calorie
  • Lemon flavor bars
  • 5 years shelf life

Grizzly Gear

Why is 3 Days Emergency Food Ration suggested for you?
  • The bars give you a pleasing taste with lemon flavor
  • The package is kosher free and halal
  • No cholesterol or tropical oil is used
  • Bars are full of vitamins and minerals
  • Interestingly, you can satisfy your one meal with one bar

The bars are not packed separately. As you are going to keep the package just in case, and you will use the product only for three days, the issue does not matter

Customer Question and Answer:
  • Can I use the product for hiking?

Yes, you can. The product is designed for the situation when you cannot cook or have water with you to heat the pre-cooked meals.

  • Does the product contain coconut?

No, the product does not contain coconut or any type of nuts

#6 Emergency  Food Rations

You can have 3600 calories from each package that helps you to maintain your body requirement in any emergency. The package is a good companion for you in any natural disaster like a cyclone, earthquake as you do not need to have water with you. You just need to open the seal and grab it.

Emergency  Food Rations
  • 9 delicious food bar
  • Each bar contains 400 calories
  • The shelf life of the package is for 5 years


Why is Emergency Food Ration suggested for you?
  • The package is full of vitamins and minerals
  • People of any race can have the bars as the package is kosher and halal certified
  • The package does not contain peanut or peanut oil
  • Cholesterol free
  • No tropical oil is used in the product
  • As it helps to feel non-thirst, you can grab the bars even you do not have water with you
  • The package cannot be resealed after opening. So it is better to keep it in an airtight container for re-use.
  • It provides 3600 calories for three days. It is not bad in any emergency while your physical activity is lower than any regular day.
Customer Question and Answer:
  • Does the product contain coconut

Coconut is not listed in the ingredients list

  • Is the product gluten-free?
  1. As flour is used in the product, it is not gluten-free

#7 S.O.S Emergency Food Ration

This package works like your emergency food supply in an emergency like earthquake, cyclone, and so on. As you do not need to cook you can survive for three days even without a water supply.

S.O.S Emergency Food Ration
  • 2 packets are in one package
  • 2 packets contain coconut and cinnamon flavor individually
  • Each packet contains 9 bars
  • Each bar contains 410 kcalorie
  • Each packet provide over 3600 Kcalorie
  • Shelf life for 5 years

S.O.S Food Labs, Inc

Why is S.O.S Emergency Food Ration suggested for you?
  • The taste of the bars are awesome with coconut and cinnamon flavor
  • A good option for you to survive in a difficult situation like an earthquake, snowstorm while you cannot go out from home
  • The bars provide high calories to help you to survive and keep your body active
  • The bars are wrapped with a plastic cover, so no chance to be wasted if you open the seal of the package
  • The bars contain sugar and high calorie; as these are designed to use for survival in an emergency, I think the matter is negligible
Customer Question and Answer:
  • Are the bars hard?

The bars are not too hard to bite and not too soft.

  • Does the package contain nuts?

The package does not contain nuts as per the ingredient list of the package

#8 Military Russian Army Food Ration

This package is really good for you to have full three meals while you are hiking, camping and so on. As it provides a full meal you can use the product on busy days while your physical activity is regular.

Military Russian Army Food Ration
  • The pack contains three meals –breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • It provides 4555 Kilocalorie
  • Natural food ingredients are available
  • The pack is for 24 hours for an adult and active person

Russian Army

Why is the Military Russian Army Food Ration suggested for you?
  • As the product contains three meals, you can have your meals with no effort if you are outside for hiking or you do not have any option to have your meals from any restaurant or take away
  • The package also provides a paper napkin, plastic knife, spoon, water disinfection tablets.
  • As the weight of the package is not so heavy, it is easily bearable
  • As it provides esbit stove and fuel tabs, you can warm your meals
  • You can get pate of two tins, beef goulash in tomato sauce of one tin, buckwheat porridge with beef, beef with carrots and green peas, vegetable stew and salo of one tin, cracker and drink mixes.
  • The package provides 4550-kilo calories for a day. However, the foodstuffs of the whole packet provide this quantity. You can grab foods as per your body’s requirements.
Customer Question and Answer:
  • Does the product contain pork?

Yes, the product contains pork

  • Do I need to warm the food?

The foodstuffs are good at normal room temperature. If you want to warm, you can use fuel tables provided with the pack

# 9 E R Bar

E R Bar is another good option for you to fuel your body with an emergency ration. In any natural disaster when you can not move from the house or you do not have access to water electricity this emergency ration can help you to survive for 72 hours.

E R Bar
  • The package provides a 2400 calorie
  • Each package contains 6 bars
  • Lemon vanilla flavor bars
  • FDA recommended vitamins and minerals
  • Re-sealable pack

Quake Kare

Why is E R Bar suggested for you?
  • The package is a good combination of carbohydrates, fat, salt, and regular vitamins and minerals
  • 2400 calories is enough to fuel your body as an emergency ration
  • It does not contain any allergic ingredient like coconut or nut
  • It is cholesterol-free
  • As the bars are easily soaked you can feed your baby using water to make a paste
  • You may need to use a knife to separate the bars as the bars are joined as a block. It is not a big deal as you can reseal the pack
Customer Question and Answer
  • Is any preservative used in the product?

No, as per the ingredient list.

  • How to eat the bars?

You just need to bite the bars and grab. You do not need to add water

#10 Northwest Fork

You can keep the product with you to face any emergency to make your stomach full. It is a good option for you to have your meals with fruits and vegetables.

Northwest Fork
  • Natural and vegan components are used in the product
  • The product contains 6 types of recipes including breakfast
  • Stand up bags
  • 15 serving sized meals of six recipes
  • Shelf life for 10 years

Kester Foods

Why is North West Fork suggested for you?
  • While you have no option to cook in a difficult situation you can have full meals with the packs
  • The product is fully vegan and kosher free, so people of any race can use
  • As the product is sufficient for one person for thirty days, you can use it for your 4 members’ family for a minimum of 7 days
  • You do not need to compromise with your health and taste as the foodstuffs are prepared with natural vegetables and oats and the taste is amazing
  • As the bags are stand up bags, these can be kept anywhere easily

The recipes need hot water to be fully prepared, you need to have access to water during an emergency

Customer Question and Answer
  • Is the product dairy-free?

Yes, the product is dairy-free.

  • Are the meals are packaged in the same bag?

No, each recipe are packaged individually

Best Place to Buy Emergency Food

You can get the above-mentioned emergency food supplies from Amazon. The links are already shown to lessen your effort. You also can get these from online stores of the companies. The products are available in all cities of U.S including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose,Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Columbus, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Seattle, Denver, Washington D.C., Boston, El Paso, Detroit, Nashville, Memphis, Portland, Louisville, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Albuquerque, Tucson, Fresno, Sacramento, Mesa, Kansas City, Atlanta, Long Beach, Omaha, Raleigh, Colorado springs, Miami, Virginia Beach, Oakland, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Arlington, New Orleans, Wichita, Cleveland, Tampa, Bakersfield, Aurora, Anaheim, Honolulu, Santa Ana, Riverside, Corpus Christi,  Lexington, Stockton, St. Louis, Saint Paul, Henderson, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Anchorage, Greensboro, Plano, Newark, Lincoln, Orlando, Irvine, Toledo, Jersey City, Chula Vista, Durham, Fort Wayne, St. Petersburg, Laredo, Buffalo, Madison, Lubbock, Chandler, Scottsdale, Reno, Glendale, Norfolk, Winston-Salem, North Las Vegas, Gilbert, Chesapeake, Irving, Hialeah, Garland, Fremont, Richmond, Boise, Baton Rouge, Des Moines, Spokane, San Bernardino, Modesto, Tacoma, Fontana, Santa Clarita, Birmingham, Oxnard, Fayetteville, Rochester, Moreno Valley, Glendale, Huntington Beach, Aurora, Salt Lake City, Amarillo, Montgomery, Grand Rapids, Little rock, Akron, Augusta, Huntsville, Columbus, Grand Prairie, Shreve Port, Overland Park, Tallahassee, Mobile, Port St. Lucie, Knoxville, Worcester, Tempe, Cape Coral, Brownsville, Mc Kinney, Providence, Fort Lauderdale, Newport News, Chattanooga, Rancho Cucamonga, Frisco, Sioux Falls,Oceanside, Ontario, Vancouver, Santa Rosa, Garden Grove, Elk Grove , Pembroke Pines, Springfield, Sunnyvale, Hollywood, Pasadena, Clarksville, Pomona, Kansas City, Macon, Escondido, Paterson, Joliet, Naperville, Rockford, Torrance, Bridgeport, Savannah, Killeen, Bellevue, Mesquite, Syracuse, McAllen, Pasadena, Orange, Fullerton, Dayton, Miramar, Olathe, Thornton, Waco,  Murfreesboro, Denton, West Valley City, Midland, Carrollton, Roseville, Warren, Charleston, Hampton, Surprise, Columbia, Coral Springs, Visalia, Sterling Heights, Gainesville, Cedar Rapids, New Haven, Stamford, Elizabeth, Concord, Thousand Oaks, Kent, Santa Clara, Simi Valley, Lafayette, Topeka, Athens, Round Rock, Hartford, Norman, Victorville, Fargo, Berkeley, Vallejo, Abilene, Columbia, Ann Arbor, Allentown, Pearland, Beaumont, Wilmington, Evansville, Arvada, Provo, Independence, Lansing, Odessa, Richardson, Fairfield, El Monte, Rochester, Clear Water, Carlsbad, Springfield, Temecula, West Jordan, Costa Mesa, Miami Gardens, Cambridge,  College station, Murrieta, Downey, Peoria, Westminster, Elgin, Antioch, Palm Bay, High Point, Lowell, Manchester, Pueblo, Gresham, North Charleston, Ventura, Inglewood, Pompano Beach, Centennial, West Palm Beach, Everett, Richmond, Clovis, Billings, Waterbury, Broken Arrow, Lakeland, West Covina, Boulder, Daly city, Santa Maria, Hillsboro, Sandy Springs, Norwalk, Jurupa Valley, Lewisville,Greely, Davie, Green Bay, Tyler, League City, Burbank, San Mateo, Wichita Falls, El Cajon, Rialto, Lakewood, Edison, Davenport, South Bend, Wood Bridge, Las Cruces, Vista, Renton, Sparks,Clinton, Allen, Tuscaloosa, San Angelo, Vacaville. Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Salem, Eugene, Peoria, Corona, Springfield, Jackson, Cary, Fort Collins, Hayward, Lancaster, Alexandria, Salinas, Palmdale, Lakewood.


The 10 best emergency food supplies are really helpful for you to handle your troublesome time providing your body full nutrition.

You have the opportunity to get your liked ones from the list. you know the best about your requirement. Choose the right product for you thinking your demand.

All these products are appreciable. If you are inclining for a meal in an emergency and you have access to water you can go for Military Army Ration or North West Fork.

If you are satisfied with food bars you can keep Emergency food Ration with you. The survival tabs are also helpful for you as these do not compromise your nutritional requirement.

As these products are designed for all to survive in an emergency these ensure nutritional requirements. So, it is wise for us to keep the products like these to help us to face any unforeseen circumstances.