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The importance of food is unlimited for humans to live as like as it is important to other animals. Food is the basic human right that is inevitable for humans. We eat to live. Sometimes food may work as medicine and sometimes as poison.

The Importance of Food for Human to Live

Food has a great influence on us and we need to practice a habit of proper diet considering the nutritious value of the food. Having food only to fulfill our taste is not a sign of consciousness. As the intake of food is important to live, it is better to eat a balanced diet quitting the habit of unhealthy food.

Many people think that we need to spend more money to have nutritious and healthy food. It is not always true. It is very easy to diminish the malnutrition with a minimum knowledge of nutrition. It is easy to arrange and have nutritious food by preparing a food list combining our intelligence, knowledge, skill, and experience.

How Food Influences to Human Body
How Food Influences to Human Body

If you pay attention you will notice in the case of food intake, we do not pay attention to the nutrition as much as we pay attention to taste. It is the cause of malnutrition among us. Some people are suffering from malnutrition and some are with over nutrition as well. We can keep ourselves free from diseases and can have a healthy life if we have minimum knowledge about Nutrition Science.

Friends, as the necessity of food, is vital for us, we should concentrate and care about the quality of food. Food, whatever it is, must be fresh and pesticide-free. Now we will see how food influences our bodies if it is contaminated or poisonous.

How Food Influences to Human Body

How Food Influences to Human Body
How Food Influences to Human Body
  • Unhealthy foods that contain bacteria, viruses, parasites, or harmful chemicals cause more than 200 diseases, ranging from diarrhea to cancer.
  • It is estimated that each year around 600 million people in the world fall ill – almost 1 in 10 people – to eat contaminated food and that 420,000 die from this same cause, with the consequent loss of 33 million years of life adjusted for of disability (DALY).
  • Children under 5 years old bear 40% of the burden attributable to foodborne diseases, which cause 125,000 deaths each year in this age group.
  • Diarrheic infections, which are most commonly associated with the consumption of contaminated food, make some 550 million people sick each year and cause 230,000 deaths.
  • Food safety, nutrition, and food safety are inextricably linked. Unhealthy foods generate a vicious circle of disease and malnutrition, which especially affects infants, young children, the elderly, and the sick.

According to doctor’s advice, if anybody fails to maintain regular eating, sleeping and excretion habit can be considered as unfit physically. It means regular intake of food is a natural action to keep the body fit and healthy. As food works to build the body, growth, filling up corrosion, protection, energy support, and disease prevention. So, the intake of a balanced diet or food is important for the adequate grown and fitness of the body.


About the importance of food, Hippocrates said that your food is your medicine. But today it is clear that many times in what we eat there may be elements that contribute not to our health, but to our disease. Because, although the saying says that with the things of eating it is not played, it is undeniable that never before has been played as much with these things as now.

The practice of diet and food intake is a must. Food is the key to long life and can be poisonous that is life-threatening as well. So, as a conscious person, you need to have knowledge about the importance of food to keep yourself fit and healthy.